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  • Dear Team Rocket Corporation member Yousername,

    We would like to know why you have been inactive.

    We have many activities and things to participate that go on here in the Team Rocket Corporation; such as the Make-A-Move game, the Who's that Pokemon game, and our weekly newsletter The Modern Grunt, which is a very interesting and you can write for it yourself. Team Rocket Corporation offers on the competitive side as well. We are very into battles and hold Tournies and Giveaways. PO and Wi-Fi are both used in our group. We also have an excellent cafe that offers a mix of familiar food and drink items and items that are hand-sprited specifically for the cafe. It also functions as a spam room.

    We request you become more active because we do not want to boot you, but will if we have to.

    Sincerely, the Team Rocket Corporation Headquarters

    Team Rocket Corporation
    Thanks for the message, first message I have ever recieved lol (joined Yesterday), I do love that book too. I own some of the newer ones, but they dont even compare
    i could of done a lot better since my t-spiker died which i really need for roserade with vennoshock
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