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  • GG and thanks for the great and suspensful matches. Your teams are very good! I hope you have a great summer.

    Also, sorry that I was talking on the side. I was really nervous and convinced myself that I choked. Hopefully you can forgive me for my poor behavior - in my defense, this is my first tournament in competitive UU.
    gg on the first game. I apologize that you didnt know entries were allowed. We have 1-2 more games left, best of three. Are tyou planning to do the other ones?
    OK, is it possible that we can meet at 3:00pm PST (6:00 pm EST) to finish this match? I really want to finish this today. I have all of today available but not much time for the remainder of the round. I could finish the match tommorow at 8:00am PST (11:00am EST) but I would have to get up early and need to get ready to travel soon.

    As far as my teams are, they are not quite perfect or to my standards, but quite frankly I need to get this done now. I am Wreckedmountain on PS and am meaniami on groudon's grotto.

    EDIT: Ok, I'll be on and off for the rest of the day. Even if I go on vacation I can still play you at night, so it should be fine. Still, if you can get it done today I would greatly appreciate it! :p
    Great. I'm still working out some kinks in teambuilding, but tommorow afternoon and evening are all that are really available for me. I'm flexible during that time, you can set the exact time (assuming you are still available). I can battle on PO, but if showdown is available I'd rather battle there instead. Do you have a preferred simulator?
    Hello. We are paired together in round 1 of the UU Open. Unfortunately, due to Showdown being down, I am unfinished with preparation and thus may need around one to two days of preparation. To make matters worse, I will be going on vacation soon and am less willing to play during that time.

    The area in which I live is the western United States at GMT -8. I will be going on vacation to the Middle East at GMT +3. I will be leaving in 3 1/2 days time.

    tl;dr I would like to schedule this soon. What times are available for you and what is your GMT?

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