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  • Crown Raikou was RNGed. Pokesaves are illegal hacks, I would never give them to other people (even if I had any). Always ask if you are unsure, almost always things that are being traded are RNG.
    I was less boring then EVing, actually.

    I will still try and get it cloned to trade one for crown entei, so could you give me Raikou's exact IVs?
    You know, its not important for things to be level 100. In fact, many people won't trade for pokemon that are level 100. When you go into battles, things are automatically adjusted to be level 100 stats. Making Raikou level 100 really makes no difference.

    XD you probably spent a while on that huh?
    okay im on now, i took awhile because I didn't realize i was in the middle of E4
    Honestly, no need. If you want to pay me back later then add me as a friend and get back to me once you have more competitive pokemon. But really, its no problem whatsoever.
    Do you have anything to trade in return? If you do PM me a list (including all natures, IVs and EVs). If not, let me know so me can work something out (I never like to just say no when people need something).
    I have a crown Raikou (Rash, HP Ice 70, best possible IVs for it). I have it UT, or trained with 252 Speed, 252 SpAtk. Let me know if you are interested.
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