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  • when do you wanna battle for spl? im available from like 5 EST until like 10 on weekdays, excluding friday, and all day sunday
    so, let´s try to get this done. I´m available the next 2 hours, tomorrow i will be available from 7 pm my time until about 8 pm (and then again at 11 pm i guess).
    my timezone is gmt+1
    hello, we have to play for the randbat league, I'm gmt+1 and I'm available pretty much all the time, when's good for you?
    Hey I'm your opponent for the RBY tourney. I am available weekdays from 5-9pm GMT-5. What sounds good to you?
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    Do you want to battle tomorrow at 5pm?
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    When do you want to get this done?
    Don't know if I said it in the PM, but you can keep the GSC movepools only (instead of GSC/BW) if you insist on it. Submission, for example, comes back into play, which is a little more helpful for Blissey, Snorlax, and Tyranitar (no one gets it now).

    For the most part, moves weren't modded to work like GSC. Spikes can be set in layers, Explosion/Selfdestruct is weak, Mean Look can't be passed, etc.

    Also, forgot to mention that we played with Natures and EVs on. Found the customization in that much more enjoyable than static values.
    Hey, we're opponents for OMPL, when do you wanna get this done? I'm GMT -5 and am usually on #doubles or #neverused if you wanna reach me.
    I would like to play around 10 pm (GMT+1) if you can (i don't know your timezone). See you tomorrow anyway.
    hey man, we must play for monotype tournament

    i'm gmt -2, and i'm always on #strongs, #raiders and sometimes #pokemon/#spl IRC chans, btw =]
    Hey, we've to play for the semifinals of that All-Gen UU Tour. I've not much time because have 4 final exams next week... so would you like to play today or tomorrow anytime? If not, i won't be able to play until 16th (deadline is that day).

    Also, i can make an effort and play on Saturday if we schedule an exact time (I'm GMT+1 btw)
    I`m a bit late, but that would be fun for practise, if anything. Feel free to highlight me on IRC if you see me on and want a match.
    Sry, was very busy this Week. But tomorow (Friday) or on saturday i will Be available. Im gonna be on irc
    oh i can do both, so friday i can be connected on NBS at 9PM GMT+1

    It's up to you bro if you prefer the week end or something
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