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  • Man that's awesome. And rofl at the dance video. That guy is actually an incredible dancer.
    Oh so you're 4real.I'm Bryce Loski there.Glad to know you play on PO now.I told you PS was terrible before :[
    You have approximately 12 hours to do your 3-mon tournament match. If it hasn't been completed by the end of the deadline, i'm willing to give an extension, but please try contacting SoulWind asap. I don't want to give out any more coinflips/activity wins this far in the tournament
    whats ur timezone and what times are you usually on? was online yesterday and didnt see u.. id like to get this done asap
    I have finals all this week, so mad lol. Well, just need to get through them and then 3 weeks of break!
    we're paired for the 3 mon tourney, im gmt +1 and im mostly available in the afternoons, when do you want to play?
    Niceee--what version team at you using? And couldn't you just superpower the tar instead of RDing? And that's on therian right?
    So you're using hurricane / fblast / taunt / RD? And is this therian or incarnate?
    How often does RD come in handy? I can understand in tourney matches, but for ladder it seems like hurri/super/uturn/taunt would be more useful.

    Also, check out my warstory! (and luvisc :D)
    Thought about that, but thunder is so useful on rachi overall. having hp ice on torny could help i guess, and it's a decent usage of a moveslot independent of thundy (KOs scor for one lol!).
    Oh nice, you beat ripa! He's really good. Well, I'm very flatterred you think the team is good (you're totally free to use it in OST btw). And also, for whatever it's worth, yache NP thundurus 6-0's me lol--that's one weakness! Thanks for the vote of confidence in the team though :)

    And also, sorry for not being active much, I've been pretty much off PS etc. because of exams.
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