Tournament Bad STABmons - WON BY IHHCA!!!


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Here are the pairings for Round 1, Unwinner's Bracket!:
Round 1

[Unwinner's Bracket]
Fardin vs. chop
acidphoenix vs. iLlama (flip)
Twix vs. Kris
Bright Powder Cena vs. Yoshiblaze
SANJAY vs. ItsYaBoi1337 (flip)
Squawkerz vs. Schpoonman
ace 434 vs. Silver_Lucario42
InfernapeTropius11 vs. Avaricity
TylerWithNumbers vs. Chloe.
Stan Soojung vs. darksylvion
TheBurgerKing99 vs. pileosand (flip)
Akashi vs. Bye

These matches are due 9/19.

  • Double elimination
  • Best of 1
  • Play on ROM - use the Bad STABmons format
  • Replays highly encouraged
  • Bad STABmons format:
    • BST cut-off is 450. Anything higher is banned.
      • Other Bans:
        • Pokemon: Chansey, Pelipper, Dugtrio, Minior, Gumshoos, Sableye, Wishiwashi, Rotom.
        • Items: All Mega Stones, Thick Club.
        • Moves: Chatter (even on Chatot).
        • Abilities: Huge Power, Pure Power, Simple.
    • All other regular STABmons rules apply.
    • Bans may take place between rounds and will apply to the following round.
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