NOC 11p White Flag Thread

If this game reaches 9 players it will be a Mountainous setup. If this game reaches 11 or 13 players it will be White Flag.

Standard NOC Rules, plurality lynch, which includes:

-No outside contact, not during night phase, day phase, when you're dead, and don't talk to alive players if you're dead
-Don't talk during the night in the topic.
-Plurality lynch: whoever has the most votes are killed at the end of the day, ties are broken by which wagon reaches majority first.
-No hammer on D1. Hammer will be in effect from D2 onwards.
-Don't copypaste or quote your role PM/results.
-Do not edit or delete your posts.
-This game will be 72h days D1, 48h days following on D2 and forward.
-An extension may be granted once per game for an extra day. 1/3 of living players must wish to declare an extension and tag Nuxl alongside bolding their extension request.
-Please post at least 5 times a day phase. Prods happen after 24h. If applicable, you will be subbed out if you do not post an entire day phase unless for good reason.
-Mafia has daytalk.
-Forgot to add this to the original OP, but encryption is disallowed.

The Town win condition is as follows: "You win when there is one Mafia Goon remaining."
The Mafia win condition is as follows: "You win when the Mafia have achieved parity with the Town or when nothing can prevent the same from happening."

Deadlines will probably be around 6 PM PST/9 PM EST.

Signups: 11/11
U-Turn Out
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All Role PMs have been sent out, you may begin confirming.

Phase starts 6 PM PST/9 PM EST November 23, 2019. If I don't call daystart by then, you may start posting.
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