13p Matrix 14 (No Multiball) Game Thread [GAME OVER]

If you have to vote me vote me tomorrow. Voting me now solves nothing because when I flip town where do you go from there?

at least decide in the next hr so I know if I need to go home ASAP or if I have time to go get some groceries
Votecount 2.3

Thunder~BALLZ(4) - Texas Cloverleaf, Hannahh, MewtwoHidden, HealNDeal
Fenrir Aesir(1) - Duskfall98
Texas Cloverleaf(1) - Thunder~BALLZ

Deadline in 2 hours, 1 minute. :heart:
Hammer is 6.
I’m in a really bad spot fuck

I don’t really have any options for a counter vote either that’s feasible I mean dusk isn’t here but he’s my immediate thought. I guess fenrir because I don’t see tbz as bad.


Mafia Champion

If all we need is one person out of POE, jalmont flip gives me much more ability to find that one person than TBZ flip does regardless of alignment

Also jal might just independently be more scummy

Let’s do jal

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