13p Matrix 14 (No Multiball) Game Thread [GAME OVER]

Guys can we think about this rationally here

to think I’m mafia you would have to believe that I:

purposefully picked fights with people you know would fight back.

Didn’t scumread people who are pretty inactive even though they are really easy to - why m2h over tballz? Why wouldn’t I just agree with most everything Hal said?

Purposefully chose to be active instead of ducking the thread and saying nothing at opportune moments - I’ve genuinely tried to engage and think especially today. That’s way more than Texas and dusk have done.
I just don’t really understand the whole defensive attitude people have taken with me this game.

Me calling someone inactive isn’t a personal insult. It’s not taking a potshot. It’s an opinion.

idk. I don’t really get it

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