18 or Older to use Google?

It probably is true, and this is not exactly rare on the Internet. Many sites and services demand that their users be of legal age, but there is no realistic way of enforcing those terms. The best most sites can do is to ask users to verify their birthdate upon entry, and hope that they aren't lying. This does free the site from any legal repercussions, however, should a minor's parents attempt to sue them over it.
Indeed it is in their TOS, right near the top. But, as was said previously, it's near impossible to enforce.


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You couldn't sign up for a Yahoo account unless you were over 18 when I made mine. All it required was a birthday. This is probably due to Google's privacy policy.
Post date.
If that was the truth, a Lot of people wouldv'e been prevented from using google, and since i've been encouraged to use it by schools since I was about 6, I highly doubt it.

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