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1v1 Classic III
Welcome to the Third edition of 1v1 Classic. This tournament celebrates the old gens of 1v1. Players will compete in separate tournaments for the ADV, DPP, BW and ORAS generations, culminating in a play-offs where players will face in three generations with the higher seed eliminating one of them, each one of the series will be a bo3.

The format consists of four separate tournaments: The ORAS Cup, The BW Cup, The DPP Cup, The ADV Cup. Each tournament is single elimination, best of five. Depending on your performance in a Cup, you will be awarded points. The point system is the same as the one used in Smogon Tour (see this for further explanation). When all the Cups have been finished, the sixteen players with the most points will advance to the play-offs.

Signups for each Cup will be posted a week after the signups for the previous Cup with each signup lasting an entire week. The hosts are allowed to play in the tournament that they are administering, as long as they elect someone else trustworthy to create pairings or use the Smogon bracket maker. Here is the list of the four Cups with the names of the hosts and the dates each signup thread will be posted:

ORAS Banlist and Resources
BW Banlist and Resources
DPP Banlist and Resources
ADV Banlist and Resources

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Hello everyone. For those of you wondering where I've been, I decided to take a break from Pokemon mostly. I've been super busy irl and I got tired of the game. Anyway, the past two years I joined the 1v1 Classic, won a cup, and lost the first playoff round I played. I really like this tournament, so I'm going to join again, and hopefully I'll have enough time to play and I won't lose to act. Anyway, let's see how I do this year with me being super busy and not caring as much. This may possibly be my last tournament, but possibly not. Only time will tell.


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Concerning Subs:

The way subs will work in Round One is that, if by Thursday, 11:59 PM EST, an opponent for one of the matches has shown no sign of communication/activity/scheduling, then those opponents will be subbed out and people on the list of subs will be subbed in, based on the order of when they signed up. If neither of you have made any attempt at all (I will be asking around), you will both be subbed out.

Additionally, anyone who willingly drops out in Round One will be subbed in with someone else, based on that same order.

Remember, 4 Day extensions will be given to people who have shown an extensive attempt to figure out a time to fight, but have been unable to find a time that works for them. This will be most applicable in cases where an opponent has subbed in.

Don't be lazy with scheduling, y'all. Be proactive, pm them on their Smogon wall first, its the most reputable way to show that you tried to schedule, lest you find yourself in a messy situation Thursday night. Peace and good luck to everyone who hasn't fought yet uwu

Edit: If we find ourselves closer to the magic numbers of 64 or 96 when signups end, we will instead be implementing the 'byes' system, wherein a small number of random byes are put into the bracket, and a few people get free wins in R1, or will be slotted against someone in as a sub
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