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Cycle 4 is over! Congratulations to our last 4 qualifiers.

#1 - 1v1LT4 Scraggy / Scraftionite

ELO: 1705
W: 222 / L: 148 / Win Ratio: 60% / GXE: 69%

#2 - 1v1lt4 santu / Santu

ELO: 1700
W: N/A / L: N/A / Win Ratio: N/A / GXE: 71% [Reset]

#3 - 1v1LT4 over / partys over

ELO: 1693
W: 120 / L: 75 / Win Ratio: 62% / GXE: 70%

#4 - 1v1LT4 ptoadk / toadandhishaxx

ELO: 1686
W: 194 / L: 144 / Win Ratio: 58% / GXE: 67%

Cycle 4 Teams and Pokemon:

: Qualifier partys over used a team with lots of lures in order to reach the upper 1600s. It uses bulky Kyurem-Black's ability to lure in threats like Mega Gyarados and other pokemon that would normally beat it combined with the power of band to be surprisingly threatening. Garchomp adds another Dragon Type to the team, reliably beating top tier threats like Charizard that Kyurem would have a shaky matchup against. Finally, Mega Gengar completes the team with the ability to handle many threats while being able to cheese victories with hypnosis. Importable:

: This team brought majority of Scraggy's wins, Mega Venu being the physical crippler, CharX acting defensive wall like Mvenu, and the ace Aegislash breaking Pokemon with Ghostium Z and Sacred Sword. Note that Aegislash makes it first appearance as a threat in this ladder tour proving that its still not dead and should rise in usage in the future. Importable:

: Santu used this team to qualify. He also utilized Aegislash which was definitely a key factor for qualifiers this cycle. But for Santu, it was paired with different Pokemon to beat its weakness. Mega Swampert was a nice choice to defeat most Ground-, and Fire-type Pokemon bar Zard Y. On another hand, Sawk beats Zard Y and offers a coverage on bulky Pokemon especially Normal-type Pokemon with its Fighting-Z move.

: From toadandhishaxx. That team use a really good bulky M-Gross set that cant take on all tapus (even z koko) and the broken Kyurem . Primarina is very good cause it can take a hits from most of neutral attackers and reply with a torrent boosted hydro vortex. Aqua jet for sturdys and bby doll eyes for the few g impact pinsir around.For the last memeber that Loppuny bring some speed and is able to beat all powerful groundium z users that beat some times primarina .That thing shuts down shitty gimmicks like imprison and sub seed Import :

: Ggopw also used Aegislash to come close to a qualify, he lost it the last minute.


Thanks everyone for participating!
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