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Cycle 3 is over, congratulations to our third cycle qualifiers.

#1 - 1v1LT3 motoboy / motogp

ELO: 1706
W: 144 / L: 88 / Win Ratio: 62% / GXE: 70%

#2 - 1v1LT3 WMC / WhalemanCheng

ELO: 1702
W: 317 / L: 245 / Win Ratio: 56% / GXE: 67%

#3 - 1v1LT3 is UOP / UnleashOurPassion

ELO: 1700
W: 178 / L: 120 / Win Ratio: 59% / GXE: 69%

#4 - 1v1LT3 cp2 / Chickenpie2

ELO: 1677
W: 179 / L: 109 / Win Ratio: 62% / GXE: 72%

#5 - Substitute: 1v1LT3 lmni / lmni 1v1
Please note if you are a substitute it doesn't mean that you're in the tour, just if one of the players drop out for some reasons (WHO WILL???) you're in his spot. If you want to be in the tournament, you have to win next cycle.

Cycle 3 Teams and Pokemon:

: motogp used many teams to qualify in first seed for cycle 3 but this is the team that he used the most. With a beautiful combination of two scary physical attackers Landorus-Therian and Mega Mawile, motogp's team gives a lot of problem to teams that aren't well prepared to these teams. Roserade is used to keep in check Water-type Pokemon that otherwise trouble the team. From a first perspective the team is weak to Mega Venusaur and Mega Charizard Y. Landorus-T has substitute and bulk up which can lure in and defeat Mega Venusaur meanwhile Roserade's scarf can outspeed Charizard-Y and hit it with HP Rock.

: Qualifier UnleashOurPassion used a mono electric team to give him the push from 1500 to 1700. This team utilize Twinkle Tackle Tapu Koko as a lure to Dragon-type Pokemon notably Kyurem-Black and Garchomp. Alola Raichu defeats Sturdy users such as Golem and Donphan thanks to Magnet Rise in its moveset, it also has fake out to break sturdy and when combined with Nasty Plot Psyshock-Z Alolan Raichu can also break defensive Pokemon. Mega Ampharos is a physically defensive tank, EVs allow it to absorb damage from Mega Charizard X, Mega Mawile and more physically offensive Pokemon and retaliate with Counter. This is the team.

: Used by Chickenpie2 this team uses Mega Mawile with other Pokemon, Kyurem-Black and Mega Blastoise. ChickenPie2 actually uses Mega Mawile with Taunt to stop stall Pokemon from boosting their defenses and stall out Mega Mawile and Curse Mimikyu. It is used with Choice Specs Kyurem-Black which is a great surprise factor the first time you face it, which allowed Cp2 to nab some wins. This team was also weak to Zard Y to Cp2 added an offensive Mega Blastoise with Mirror coat to defeat them as Solar Beam fails to OHKO. Team.

: As shown above Mega Mawile was a common Pokemon in cycle 3 of the ladder tour. It is an offensive threats which is able to stop most Fairy-, and Dragon-type Pokemon which are abundant on the ladder.

: Even if no qualifier team had Curse Mimikyu, it was still a common sight on the ladder as it easily picks up win at low ladder.
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Cycle 4 starts now, you need NEW alts to start laddering, please use the tag 1v1LT4.

Forum name: DEG
Cycle 4 Alts: 1v1LT4 DEG, 1v1LT4 DEGG, 1v1LT4 Degging
Do my alts for Cycle 4 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: Yes!
Cycle 4 ends: Sunday 10th of September at 8 AM GMT

Happy Laddering!

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No, but there is a very special reason behind it. You see, I have just now realized the extent of DEG's control over our meta that is 1v1. He conspires to get rid of all others who may also have his level of power (when's the last time anyone saw Uselesscrab?) and hastily exerts the corrupting influence of PROMOTION on any who might have popularity (Iron Crusher, Blazikin and Tallydaorangez come to mind.) His very NAME shows this, he is crushing (or EATING) our dreams of a democratic , peaceful 1v1 community. However, if we, the people of 1v1, fight back against this totalitarian leadership, we can take back OUR room, OUR meta, and OUR future. Thank you.
Forum name: ggopw
Cycle 4 Alts: 1v1LT4 ggopw , 1v1LT4 guowp, 1v1LT4 wpogg
Do my alts for Cycle 4 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: Yes! this time ill acutally ladder.
Please choose 2 people in ladder this time so lmni and I will live
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End my suffering

Forum: RNGIsFatal
Cycle 4: 1v1LT4RNG, 1v1LT4OurNG
Do my alts for Cycle 4 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules? I'm too salty to answer this question and the answer is quite obvious.

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