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Cycle 2 is over, congratulations to our second cycle qualifiers.

#1 - 1v1LT2 XStatic / XSTATIC COLD

ELO: 1695
W: 226 / L: 116 / Win Ratio: 66% / GXE: 73%

#2 - 1v1 LT2 Charizard / charizard8888

ELO: 1660
W: 130 / L: 75 / Win Ratio: 63% / GXE: 69%

#3 - 1v1LT2 raimon / dusk raimon

ELO: 1652
W: 624 / L: 395 / Win Ratio: 61% / GXE: 72%

#4 - 1v1LT2 Landon / UBERLandon21

ELO: 1648
W: 77 / L: 33 / Win Ratio: 70% / GXE: 73%

#5 - Substitute: 1v1LT2RNG / RNGIsFatal
Please note if you are a substitute it doesn't mean that you're in the tour, just if one of the players drop out for some reasons (WHO WILL???) you're in his spot. If you want to be in the tournament, you have to win next cycle.

Cycle 2 Teams and Pokemon:

: Mimikyu continues to be a top pick for qualifiers with both the Curse set or even the SD+3 Attacks set. Mimikyu has been giving a lot of free wins as ladder still isn't fully prepared to counter it, the high usage of its Curse set allows other Mimikyu's sets such as Fairium-Z or Ghostium-Z + SD to pick up wins as they are not as much expected as others. Will the ladder adapt to Mimikyu cycle 3? Will it still be a dominant force?

: Snorlax is also still trending. Firstly used by last week's qualifier Downcoming3, Snorlax is still rampaging in the metagame. This week it was effectively used by qualifier dusk raimon as well by other qualifiers. Snorlax's combo of Yawn, Belly Drum, Protect, and Return with Normalium-Z is able to beat a bunch of threats that aren't immune to Normal-type moves or aren't lucky enough with sleep turns. I'm guessing Snorlax will be a Pokemon Cycle 3 participants will have to check as it is still on the rise and will not go away.

: A new Water-type Pokemon trended in Cycle 2, it was used by dusk raimon in Cycle 2 to qualify. Specs or even Z-Rain Dance Tapu Fini can beat a good amount of the metagame due to its sheer bulk and typing Fairy/Water due to the amount of Dragon-, and Water-type Pokemon the raise. Tapu Fini is the Pokemon to go when your team is weak to the aforementioned types.

: Team used by charizard8888 to qualify for Cycle 2. This team beautifully combine three Pokemon that are able to beat the current threats on the rise. Charizard-X continues to be a dominant threat in the metagame even after Cycle 1, it's re-taking its glory from the old days. Sawk is used to defeat current metagame trend Snorlax with its Fighting-type STAB move, it can also beat top threats such as Charizard-X, Charizard-Y, Porygon-Z and many more thanks to its Sturdy ability. Charizard8888 also uses Poisonium-Z to get through Fairy-types especially all Tapus and Primarina. Specs Greninja with Water Shuriken is also used here to give Non-Attack Curse Mimikyu a hard time, it also defeats Golem and Crustle which gives the team a hard time. Greninja is a Pokemon we haven't seen for a long time and wasn't much used in Cycle 2, will it be used next cycle? Click.
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Cycle 3 starts now, you need NEW alts to start laddering, please use the tag 1v1LT3.

Forum name: DEG
Cycle 3 Alts: 1v1LT3 DEG, 1v1LT3 DEGG, 1v1LT3 Degging
Do my alts for Cycle 3 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: Yes!
Cycle 3 ends: Sunday 3rd of September at 8 AM GMT

Happy Laddering!
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Forum name: Averardo
Cycle 1 Alts: 1v1LT3 Averardo
Do my alts for Cycle 3 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes

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