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Hello 1v1. Today, I would like to take some time to talk about Monopoke.

If you don't know it, it's basically 1v1 against yourself (eg; I choose Urshifu, the opponent will also). The only Pokemon you can have is the one on the opposing side. Its not really a format, but a way to play 1v1 - and my favorite way to play it. There's one mon in particular I didn't try, but would like to in this formatted way:
This thing is looking to be amazing. When you do these types of tours or battles, you want a few things: Toxic Stall, Setup Options and counters to the latter 2. Slurpuff has all of that and then some. It has Calm Mind and Belly Drum as setup, Yawn, Toxic, Magic Coat, Cotton Spore, Charm and Cotton Guard for Belly Drum sets and then some. You can even go into niche territory and use stuff like Fake Tears or Thief. It stats are also balanced at 82/80/86/85/75/72 - so it can pheasably be any set limited only by its movepool. This is where monopoke's best trait comes into play: it can be ANYTHING as far as sets go. The only real rule is the Pokemon being used. So try it out for yourself with your friends and others, let me know how it works out for you. And until next time, goodbye.

Edit: WolfeyVGC made this video on a Corsola style monopoke tour. It really captures the fun about this type of 1v1
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Good evening my monopoke enthusiasts. Today, there was a monopoke tour in 1v1 feat. this guy:
During that tour, 3 sets were on my mind as the main ones used: Scarf Trick, ImprisonForm, and Spore (Yes Spore was used so much its a set). I've seen some other stuff like King's Shield and Extreme Speed and even a supposed Z-Crystal set. But there's one move in particular no one used: Conversion. This move turns you into the type of your first move. Why is this important? Well, it has many applications. First, it can be a stop gap to all the Fighting type moves going around as a Ghost type. But more importantly, you can become Grass type. This makes you immune to Spore - and no one truly knows if your first move is Spore, or Cotton Guard or even Hidden Power Grass. This is the most successful one I've spectated, and I have a feeling the meta will evolve. But until next time, goodbye
Greeting my monopoke enthusiasts. Today, there was another tour in store for us this late Wendesday afternoon. I call it Sturdymons.

Basically, its national dex 1v1, but only pokemon with Sturdy and the ability as Sturdy. Its a really fun imo with a lot of options and sets to customize. There was even a tour of it

Tour games - >
Finals - >

Elo Bandit suggested I make a VR on it and said it was a cool concept. I can firmly say Carracosta let's is S tier and the best Mon in this meta

Try it out for yourself. Lemme know your thoughts on it
And with that being said, goodbye
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