Tournament 1v1 Premier League IV - Week 1

Have you ever dreamed that you could farm as much likes as -Tsunami- with UNBIASED PREDICTIONS but in 1v1pl? Of course you do! To write these god-like predictions you need to have three things:
1. a complete trust in the Crust Rule.
2. only bold Greeks that are called Roudolf13, Fear or Astamatitos.
3. a godlike adoration for The Sheet.
The first two you should already have by being an active mainer, but the last one does not exist for 1v1. Fortunately for you, your second favourite girl has made The Sheet for you, with help from your favourite girl (Felucia), her servant (lost heros) and some Sailing Apparatus apparently (Boat (phiwings99)). It contains all the records of the first three 1v1pls and the first three WCoPs. After every teamtour, people can and will update them so that you are always up to date who is good and who is absolutely dogshit. So now you can go out and write as UNBIASED as prediction as Shake and farm all the likes your amazing predictions deserve!
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I guess I'll do some predicts too. these are an attempt to be unbiased and I will undoubtedly fail.

SwSh Bo7: ryyjyywyy vs. maxy1991991 - Can't really see this going any other way. ryy is a very solid player, even if I'd rather see maxy surprise me.
SwSh Bo5: TheShadowClaw vs. 5luke - Same as above. TSC is extremely solid and while 5luke might pull off something with memes, I think TSC carries this easily.
SwSh Bo5: LuckyPiper vs. Cantius - I'm not 100% confident on this but I think Cantius is all around a more consistent player.
SM Bo5: ggopw vs. Alakazam - Easily a HL. Can't wait.
SM Bo5: Blazikin vs. Boat (phiwings99) - Blazikin may be a very good player, but I think Boat will pull this out.
ORAS: Raining Inside vs. Whaleeeee - council gang. Haven't seen much from Raining Inside.
BW: Scraftionite vs. Jamez155 - Scraft is probably going to carry this match. I would much rather see James on a new gen.
DPP: 187 Fan vs. TogliBabineBoeuf - Really could go either way, again, but Fan is a more than decent oldgens player with recent experience from Classic.

SwSh Bo7: Lancer Fr vs. Rosa - Rosa probably takes this, but I think this could go either way. Should be fun to watch
SwSh Bo5: crucify vs. DenisTheMenace - Would bet a significant amount of money on this.
SwSh Bo5: Waylaid vs. blunder - Blunder might be solid all-around, but he has no 1v1 experience and I'm not sure how interested he is with SPL currently his main focus.
SM Bo5: LaBalladeDesCieux vs. Squirtell 1v1 - Another HL match. Both very solid players.
SM Bo5: sagar0027 vs. Elo Bandit - Not sure I've ever seen sagar play.
ORAS: XSTATIC COLD vs. OM - Love you OM, but XSC is undeniably quite good.
BW: Wanony vs. Simbo - Simbo showed a lot of BW promise during Classic, but Wanony has enough experience (as well as teambuilding ability) that it should go in his favor.
DPP: Synonimous vs. Poison Adhesive - I would hope Syno could win this after that pricetag...

SwSh Bo7: neomon vs. Maki's Fox - This match is at 3am for me. Really want to see it, very unfair.
SwSh Bo5: SUSTENANCE_1 vs. Djokra - no doubt imo
SwSh Bo5: THIS MACHINE vs. London13 - Pretty confident London will pull this out for us.
SM Bo5: Close vs. WailJesus - Should be an incredible set.
SM Bo5: akaFila vs. martha - marthaaa goat. Has pretty solid team support too :3
ORAS: Betathunder vs. Robyn
BW: SolarflareRo vs. ima - SPL gives ima less time to prep. Solar might popoff, we'll have to wait and see.
DPP: Inkreativ vs. GL Volkner - I think Volkner can carry this, though Ink certainly has a distinct and very unusual advantage...

SwSh Bo7: Nalei vs. Felucia - Both are good players. (both also cute.)
SwSh Bo5: Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd vs. 7shoes (Winkata) - Ultimately more impressed with what I've seen from Lkjc than from Winkata.
SwSh Bo5: AllFourtyOne vs. Tom842 - yes. VG is extremely dedicated to SwSh and should win here.
SM Bo5: pqs vs. Kaif - I don't have much to say. pqs popped off during wc.
SM Bo5: Eriey vs. Iron Crusher - IC might be out of practice a bit, but he's still a very solid player.
ORAS: Joker 1v1 vs. Downcoming3 - Absolutely no idea.
BW: DEG vs. Ho3nConfirm3d - I don't know who the other player is. Assuming deg doesn't do something stupid, I think he'll take this.
DPP: Yami vs. xJoelituh - Yami dpp goat, sorry joel.
Another update to monopoke! This time: Metro Boomin' Mega Rays vs. RPS Rhyperiors.
plant based vs. Jordy !

For all monopokes in a week, the mons are the same. They are in the week intro post. For a refresher (or if you're too lazy to go back and look there and just clicked here through your notifications), it's excadrill, barboach, bergmite, centriskorch, ninetales in that order.

For a complete monopoke week, we still need a monopoke player from teatime terrors. spam Rosa if you want a complete week
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Update to my predictions:

NonBinaryAgenda vs. The Immortal - Honestly, this match will be closer than what you'd expect. As you know, The Immortal has more experience in the monopoke realm playing in many 1v1 tournaments with monopoke involved, while on the other hand, NonBinaryAgenda seems somewhat new to the highly established monopoke 1v1 community. What you aren't seeing, though, is our team preparation for NonBinaryAgenda. The #monopoke channel in the esteemed Deluxe Dustox 1v1 PL Discord has been POPPIN in the past couple days and we've created one of the most optimized to fight-against-itself Excadrill sets you've ever seen.


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beat Nalei 4-2, I'm sorry about the hax friend, hope to see you in finals and lose in style that time

Edit: To everyone who wouldn't stop telling Nalei that they made mistakes, every single "correct" play you guys proposed would've lost to my sets, please leave Nalei alone they did amazing


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beat Nalei 4-2, I'm sorry about the hax friend, hope to see you in finals and lose in style that time

Edit: To everyone who wouldn't stop telling Nalei that they made mistakes, every single "correct" play you guys proposed would've lost to my sets, please leave Nalei alone they did amazing
so when am I getting traded
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