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edud's GoFundMe(/Begging Bowl)
Hi. As you guys may know, I always give my KyuBits away to the most deserving player of the month. So, I unashamedly ask every player to donate whatever you can, to fund an upcoming player. Let's get together and create a stupid community which hopes to end TDA's corruption one day (though I'm sure that won't happen)!

Also, I'll be charging 1 KyuBit for every "UwU" someone wants me to type in chat. And as a special bonus, I'll charge PartChandelure 2 for every UwU he types. #CurePartManOfHisUwU's
i deem this a good cause.give 58 to attid but upside down and 2 kyubits for an UWU from partman

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