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I am closing the Snom White Market because I have been banned from Snom Gang. My new shop is:
1v1 Factory
A cheap store for anyone who needs a team.
Our Products:
  • Premade Team (5 Kyubits): Cheap premade team from Cantius; tested on ladder, in room tournaments, or in Smogon tournaments.
  • Ordered Team (20 Kyubits): A fine choice if you you're having trouble building or simply can't. A team will be given to you quickly, and you are free to add specifications. Please note that if your specifications are unviable or excessive, your team may not be top-level.
  • Secondhand Product (Price Varies): If you want a product from someone else's shop, we can offer the exact same product for a lower price.
(1) By buying from the 1v1 Factory (hereafter referred to as "the shop," "we," "us," "our," or "ours"), the customer (hereafter referred to as "you," "your," or "yours") represent that you understand and follow the "Disclaimers, and Terms of Service" (hereafter referred to as "these terms").

(2) We reserve the right to modify any part of the shop without public notice. (3) Changes in these terms do not retroactively apply to previous matters of business, including orders and negotiations.

(3) We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. (4) Products are sold "as is"; that is, without any warranty, explicit or implied. (5) Refunds must be negotiated and are not guaranteed. (6) You will be given a receipt in Smogon PMs with a price tag. You must pay the total price of the receipt.

(7) Failure to abide by the provisions set by the text of the shop will result in legal action taken against the offenders, with demands for compensation. (8) We do not take responsibility for any consequence of the use of our products. (9) You shall waive your right to take legal action against us.

(10) The text of this shop and any of its official statements is copyrighted and owned by the person who owns the account "Cantius." (11) It may be used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, with in-text attribution. (12) The copyright law of the United States and the state of California shall govern this copyright.
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edud's GoFundMe(/Begging Bowl)
Hi. As you guys may know, I always give my KyuBits away to the most deserving player of the month. So, I unashamedly ask every player to donate whatever you can, to fund an upcoming player. Let's get together and create a stupid community which hopes to end TDA's corruption one day (though I'm sure that won't happen)!

Also, I'll be charging 1 KyuBit for every "UwU" someone wants me to type in chat. And as a special bonus, I'll charge PartChandelure 2 for every UwU he types. #CurePartManOfHisUwU's

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