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approved by Quote, original idea by DEG

With the sudden shutting down of users being voiced from peaking the monthly official room tournament leaderboard, many have been questioning what purpose the officials even serve. Today marks the beginning of a new project to bring back purpose to tryharding as many official tournaments as possible:


art by AmirAlexander
The purpose of this thread is not only to serve as the announcement of this project's beginning, but also a page where users may see their current balance and spend their currency however they see fit. What is this currency, you may ask? It is none other than the total points you've accrued on the leaderboard by the end of each month. These points will be copied from the leaderboard before it is cleared for next month and maintained here in the pristine currency unit that we will refer to as: The Kyubit.
  • Kyubits are tied to the Score value that determines each player's rank on Scrappie's leaderboard. At the end of each month, after the final official tournament before the board is wiped, the Scores of the top 100 players will be gathered and presented below. Users who have verified their PS accounts will have their scores added to their Kyubit Balance presented in the post below this one. Look towards the bottom of this post for instructions on how to verify your account!
    • Alts will NOT be included in this, on account of how easy it is to farm several hundreds of points.
  • Any and all purchases must be done in this thread through use of a Smogon account. Users who do not have a Smogon account will not be able to use their Kyubits for purchase.
  • In addition to purchases and account verification, this thread may be used for suggesting new prizes! See below for a list of prize suggestions that have been rejected:
    • - Roomvoice
      - Smogon Tournaments
  • Kyubits are to be spent in this thread on any of the given prizes below:

50 Kyubits​
Custom Room Tournament - You may request a tournament in the 1v1 Room of any kind, at any time. For the convenience of our staff, complex roomtour banlists must be provided in the form of a "/tour rules" command, otherwise staff will be at their disposal to reject your request.
(Note: You can probably get most tours by just requesting them without paying anyways, so I'd suggest saving your Kyubits for when you're feeling something REALLY big or spicy.)
(Note 2: Complex tournament formats that require staff supervision may not be doable at all times. If your tournament requires staff supervision and nobody seems willing to help, try to catch me online and I'll help as best as I can!)
100 Kyubits​
Custom Room Poll - You may create a room poll with up to 8 options to choose from. The cost is by the day, so make sure you clarify in your purchase post how many days you want the poll to stay up (1 week = 700). The 1v1 staff reserve any and all right to not go through with a purchase if the requested poll contains any inappropriate wording or harassment of other users.
500 Kyubits​
Custom Roomintro Message - You can leave any kind of (appropriate) message in the roomintro for a week. The cost is by the week, so make sure you clarify in your purchase post how many weeks you want the message to stay up (4 weeks = 2000 Kyubits). The cost may NOT be split down to be used for days instead of weeks.
1000 Kyubits​
New Roomintro Mascot: Your choice of a new Pokemon to replace the Pokemon we have in our current roomintro. Purchases will last until someone else purchases a new roomintro mascot, though the initial purchase will be immune from replacement for 1 month (30 days). To prevent people from bogarting the mascot, you may only make this purchase for a single month at a time.
1000 Kyubits​
Kyubit Miner Discord Role - This Discord role is effectively just a trophy to show that you're good at grinding official tours. It will apply to the main 1v1 Discord as well as the 1v1 Tours Discord.
500 Kyubits​
Kyubit Miner Title Change - You will be allowed to change the name of your Kyubit Miner role to whatever you wish (so long as it is appropriate). Only one rename per purchase, must have Kyubit Miner role before being able to purchase.
500 Kyubits​
Kyubit Miner Color Change - You get to choose a custom color for your Kyubit Miner role (provide either a hex code or color reference in your purchase post). Only one color change per purchase, must have Kyubit Miner role before being able to purchase.

Before all else, you need a smogon account in order to post your registration here. You can make your own smogon account >>here<<

In order to activate your Kyubits for spending, you must first make an account verification post:
  1. Log on to Pokemon Showdown using the account of yours that you see present in the Leaderboard Top 100 above.
  2. Take a screenshot that shows proof of ownership over said account (specifically the username in the upper right corner!).
    1. 188719
    2. Users may only verify one account per month.
  3. Post it here to claim your account and accrue your earned Kyubits for the month.
    1. 188721
    2. If you use the same account that you've already verified for official tournaments, you do not need to verify it again.
  4. The Top 100 of last month will be deleted by the time the current month ends, including any and all unclaimed accounts.
  5. Joint purchases are allowed, but require a post of approval from every user involved in the post. Joint purchases for things like a Kyubit Miner role, however, may only go to one person at a time.
  6. After some consideration, direct transfers of Kyubits have now been allowed!
    1. All transfers must be done directly in this thread.
    2. I reserve the right to disallow people from transferring Kyubits if it seems like you're just trying to spam the thread.
Happy spending!
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change of pace
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Kyubit Balance List
Username---------------------------| Kyubits
111ace111--------------------------| 10
187 Fan----------------------------| 11
413XPlayz--------------------------| 19
5luke------------------------------| 2103
abd1710-(Only Q)-------------------| 0
Adam3560---------------------------| 0
Adriana99--------------------------| 152
Alakazam---------------------------| 151
Aliss------------------------------| 2710
alive------------------------------| 0
AltCauseImInsecure-----------------| 111
Anime Sans-------------------------| 0
Aph9898----------------------------| 179
Astrologistic style----------------| 25
aqh--------------------------------| 230
Arai-------------------------------| 0
Aurodian---------------------------| 0
avarice----------------------------| 500
ayedan-----------------------------| 348
Baleblaze--------------------------| 1
bed pisser-------------------------| 82
Besom------------------------------| 535
Betathunder------------------------| 220
Bitkrin----------------------------| 0
BlanchedAlmond---------------------| 6
Blazikin---------------------------| 757
blondesasukeuchiha-----------------| 61
Boat (phiwings99)------------------| 3236
Bopher-----------------------------| 0
BP---------------------------------| 204
brettwhite3------------------------| 0
Cantius----------------------------| 0 (redirect all to zioziotrip)
Cheezy-----------------------------| 30
Chickenpie2------------------------| 509
chrispyburns-----------------------| 190
ciarion----------------------------| 435
cleffa-----------------------------| 480
Close------------------------------| 851
CrabboStabbo-(EraseYourself)-------| 0
CrashinBoomBang--------------------| 200
crucify----------------------------| 500
D2TheW-----------------------------| 0
DannyDoritos-(Jose Nutsack)--------| 855
deddd mans-------------------------| 0
DEG--------------------------------| 1253
DenisTheMenace---------------------| 0
Derpelo----------------------------| 69
DezShizzels-(meow nyaa)------------| 1116
Dj Breloominati--------------------| 310
doc1203----------------------------| 324
dogknees---------------------------| 0
dom--------------------------------| 250
Downcoming3------------------------| 945
Dragonmirror-(Dynamax Terrakion)---| 121
DripLegend-------------------------| 449
DuckeryDoodle-(BigBoyMudkip)-------| 0
eblurb-----------------------------| 1375
edudittA---------------------------| 2
Eeveekid10-------------------------| 26
Elo Bandit-------------------------| 305
emma-------------------------------| 51
Eriey------------------------------| 0
Euphonos---------------------------| 1502
ExplodingDonkey--------------------| 1575
fairin_rahman----------------------| 306
Felucia----------------------------| 643
Ferno------------------------------| 500
Finchinator------------------------| 500
flameblitz-------------------------| 305
Freddy Kyogre----------------------| 621
frostyicelad-----------------------| 457
FunInDaSun-------------------------| 120
GeneralGunderson (WhyDoWeExist?)---| 0
ggopw------------------------------| 1336
Golden009--------------------------| 688
Grain2Sel--------------------------| 500
Gym socks-(Osra stop bullying)-----| 398
Haki-------------------------------| 101
heavystorming----------------------| 794
Helonium---------------------------| 1
Here comes team Charm!-------------| 749
HeyMan2694-------------------------| 0
I am a fat mermaid-----------------| 284
icancounttoten---------------------| 116
I'm actually Cash------------------| 0
Inkreativ--------------------------| 0
Iron Crusher-----------------------| 557
Itchyfoot--------------------------| 0
Jabiru-----------------------------| 0
James155---------------------------| 107
Jayayawesome-----------------------| 741
Jebx-------------------------------| 1207
Jirachirelia-(belle vie)-----------| 0
Joker 1v1--------------------------| -1215
JustUhhDude-(i'll l2p one day)-----| 1
Jynx Nuggets-----------------------| 1040
Kaif-------------------------------| 214
kalifguest22-----------------------| 0
Kamek Porygon-(Cr00kedstar)--------| 1
KawaiiiiPotato---------------------| 21
Kentari----------------------------| 80
King Leo V-------------------------| 2
kjdaas-----------------------------| 1
Kris-------------------------------| 133
Krytocon---------------------------| 0 (redirect to PartChandelure)
LaBalladeDesCieux------------------| 500
Lancer Fr--------------------------| 399
LarsoTubeJeanLouis-----------------| 501
lavaman65--------------------------| 335
Lautreamont------------------------| 200
LeCehlou---------------------------| 64
Le Creme Brule---------------------| 2
Leru-------------------------------| 300
Libras-----------------------------| 91
Lilial-----------------------------| 310
linux user-------------------------| 0
LittleRunnerXC---------------------| 2642
Lkjc-------------------------------| 0 (redirect to PartMan)
LoneCubone-------------------------| 0
lost heros-------------------------| 551
lph--------------------------------| 0
lvl100Blaziken---------------------| 80
M24 (malcolm24)--------------------| 509
magicarpe_lvl100-------------------| 1239
Maki's Fox-------------------------| 123
Marshme1to-------------------------| 440
maxy1991991------------------------| 2090
megadawolf-------------------------| 0
Memoric----------------------------| 51
Metheguy---------------------------| 73
Mewtwo Uranium-(RS Acronium)-------| 0
Mishlef----------------------------| 670
Mr. Mime fan-(Yashyashashketchjm)--| 300
MukUsedDrillPeck-------------------| 25
Murman0064-------------------------| 0
Nalei------------------------------| 260
natu-------------------------------| 50
neomon-----------------------------| 287
nolenot-(love with a ghost)--------| 522
Notater----------------------------| 1231
NotFrancy--------------------------| 314
NYCT0PHILE-------------------------| 10
omicorio---------------------------| 500
Opchurtle100-(Hungryfoodies)-------| 124
Optifyツ---------------------------| 0
ÒxÓ--------------------------------| 0
pannuracotta-----------------------| 0
parr0t-----------------------------| 64
PartMan----------------------------| 0
pattek-----------------------------| 500
pazza------------------------------| 0
Peary------------------------------| 0
PenguinKnees-----------------------| 26
Persephone-------------------------| 200
Pigeons----------------------------| 51
Pixelationaire---------------------| 69
plant based------------------------| 85
Poison Adhesive (1500 and higher)--| 313
Pokesartoolcay---------------------| 2000
Potatochan789----------------------| 728
power------------------------------| 220
pqs-(Coiln)------------------------| 380
quakins----------------------------| 210
Raj 00-----------------------------| 715
RaJ.Shoot--------------------------| 212
RawrXO-----------------------------| 208
Rhyphibian-------------------------| 51
Rillabroom-------------------------| 165
rion-0-----------------------------| 39
Robyn------------------------------| 456
Ron...5----------------------------| 689
Rosa-------------------------------| 317
rozes------------------------------| 101
ryyjyywyy--------------------------| 820
Sanshokuinsumireko-(Mira Tsubaki)--| 26
Satanic Beast----------------------| 791
Shubname---------------------------| 940
SiceXV-(RUK1A)---------------------| 1452
Sificon----------------------------| 51
Siglut-----------------------------| 175
Sky of Doom------------------------| 424
Smajet-----------------------------| 404
smely socks-(elesa gang)-----------| 0
Snowjy-----------------------------| 0
SolarflareRo-----------------------| 166
Sonjji-----------------------------| 0
sporeiscool69----------------------| 306
Squirtell 1v1-(Spooktell!)---------| 4639
stableprince569--------------------| 264
straightapeshit--------------------| 777
SuperMemeBroz----------------------| 0
SUSTENANCE_1-----------------------| 0
Synonimous-------------------------| 653
TectonicDestroyer------------------| 6
tenzhii----------------------------| 0
ThatOneSpork-----------------------| 974
The Immortal-----------------------| 62
ThelordofbadRNG--------------------| 364
TheShadowClaw----------------------| 857
thethreepercent--------------------| 30
THIS MACHINE (niccccc/nnicc)-------| 52
tlouk------------------------------| 145
toadandhishaxx---------------------| 1082
TogliBabineBoeuf-------------------| 210
Tol--------------------------------| 0
Tom842-----------------------------| 1421
TonyFlygon-------------------------| 200
Trashuny---------------------------| 0
Tricking---------------------------| 200
Turbo Drif ♥-----------------------| 87
turtalkatthing---------------------| 914
UBERLandon21-----------------------| 500
Urfgurgle--------------------------| 0
Vertigo----------------------------| 534
Vrji-------------------------------| 1859
WailJesus--------------------------| 497
Wanonymous1616---------------------| 1047
Waylaid----------------------------| 0
Whaleeeee--------------------------| 663
WilliamTheo13----------------------| 158
XSTATIC COLD-----------------------| 3743
xXShort_StuffXx--------------------| 66
Yami-------------------------------| 698
yogi-------------------------------| 10
zioziotrip-------------------------| 189
zxgzxg-----------------------------| 1

Last tour reward: Majors
Last project reward: BMT 19
Last individual transaction:
all kyubit transfer:

Incomplete Transaction List:
DEG roomintro mascot
Rosa roomintro mascot
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I'm me, and yes I do have control of the Eriey account. Due to my hoarding nature, I'll likely not spend anything :|


Banned deucer.
My bee for double post but purchasing a poll for 2 days with Whaleeeee he spends his 64 and I spend 136 kyubits

Q. Asia is the best team in wco1v1 - osra

1. I agree
2. Definitely
3. Facts
4. The truth
5. Scientifically tested to be true
6. Whaleeee is in it so its #1
7. Nyaaasia
8. lol us east is so bad imagine being them
My bee for double post but purchasing a poll for 2 days with Whaleeeee he spends his 64 and I spend 136 kyubits

Q. Asia is the best team in wco1v1 - osra

1. I agree
2. Definitely
3. Facts
4. The truth
5. Scientifically tested to be true
6. Whaleeee is in it so its #1
7. Nyaaasia
8. lol us east is so bad imagine being them
Wrath of Alakazam confirming as Attid(uwu)de

Rules said:
Take a screenshot that shows proof of ownership over said account (specifically the username in the upper right corner!).
Also, can we have a Smogon tour suggestion for like, 50 KyuBits, and hosting a Smogon tour for like 2500? After grinding for a year (with 200 minimum per month), I think he could be entrusted with that specific responsibility....
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