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If you've ever dreamed of purchasing the 2k decorated discord role you will have probably come to the realization that you will never afford it. However, we've got you covered. Enter now for your sky-high chances of winning the grand prize. Guaranteed winner EVERY TIME!
Leave a post below requesting to transfer 50 or 100 Kyubits to me to enter!
Draw being hosted sometime on the 24 August. Minimum 5 entries required to host the draw or it will have to be canceled which would be a big sad ;[. Disclaimer: Ticket purchases may not be retracted. Remember to always be gamble aware :0​
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Joker's Love Booth


Bonjour mes amis!
(Hello ^^)

Feeling deprived of love, affection, or acknowledgment?
Don't worry, for a small cost of your earnings you received from tournaments and other resources trying to drown that emptiness inside ; Joker will personally make you feel special and wanted!

Service Pricing
- Joker will send you a "<3" and tell you that you're special
35 - Joker will create a lovely "personalized" poem about your best features
50 - Joker will overly support you in an activity for 10 minutes

(Joker has full-right to declining an offer, user will not be charged.)
Chris Ruins Joker's Day


Oui Oui voudriez-vous soixante croissants de poisson?
(Help ^^)

Will you fundraise 900 kyubits with Chrispyburns to force Joker into three whole hours of being my biggest fan?
The more who donate, the fewer kyubits are needed per person!

Here's the plan:
10 people
- 81 kyubits needed per person, I will donate 90
20 - 40 kyubits/person, I will have only 1 kyubit left
40 - 21 Kyubits/person and I'll donate the rest
Oh and one more thing:
Whomst've ever donates the most will actually get the love from joker

(Joker will benefit by receiving 900 kyubits and must weigh his options carefully.)
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Custom Made SM teams, you give me a set and I make the best ladder team I can with 2 other mons that I get to pick ig. Just tell me what it beats!
1 team - 45 kyubits
3 team - 70 kyubits
5 team - 100 kyubits (free meme to compete with lh too if you get this, look at that sweet value)
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yeah im gonna give Synonimous 50 kyubits

create a team with shaymin.
(if necessary use these as teammates but preferably not: incineroar, manaphy, blastoise)

tagging Osra because i felt like it.

review: buy syno teams, not the 3 kyubit one or osra, why? because he actually creates heat that doesn't exist.
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change of pace
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I like this idea- I'll steal it :>
Each team or set I create will be made to be as competitively viable as possible unless requested otherwise.
Teams may feature any Pokemon you wish, though teams based around more than one Pokemon will likely struggle.

Welcome to my little shop of wonders <3
  • 25 Kyubits - 1 Set
  • 50 Kyubits - 1 Team
  • 200 Kyubits - 5 Teams
  • 300 Kyubits - 10 Teams
  • 1000 Kyubits - Lifetime subscription

Perks to the Lifetime subscription include:
Happily served customers:
pqs - 10 teams
Araii - 1 team
Elo Bandit - 1 team
Poison Adhesive - 10 teams
Eriey - 1 team
heavystorming - 5 teams
TGC United - 5 teams
Araii - 10 teams
Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd - 10 teams
Maki's Fox - 10 teams
Kaif - 9 teams

Pending orders:
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my account register is literally the first verification post why did you say that it wasn't there
purchasing 10 teams from Osra and transferring her 150 kyubits. (for the purchase)
here are the pokemon i want the teams to be based around:
team 1: porygon2 eviolite stall
team 2: scarf hoopa-unbound
team 3: tapu bulu scarf
team 4: manaphy custap tail glow
team 5: kyurem z noble roar
team 6: dragonite choice scarf
team 7: tapu fini tapuinium z
team 8: mandibuzz
team 9: EXEGGUTOR your set
team 10: aron fear

also are we allowed to pay kyubits for one set osra? it says pay for 25 kyubits but u said the minimum transfer is 50
pqs's probably illegal "reaction score" shop because he is broke after buying 10 teams from osra and has only like 20 kyubits left ok now on to the explanation of the reaction score shop

It's pretty simple, the amount of kyubits you trade me, the amount of "reaction scores" i give you on all of your posts.
so for example:
50 Kyubits - 50 "Reaction Scores"
100 Kyubits - 100 "Reaction Scores"
and so on
if you want me to like specific posts, it's an extra 1/10 of the kyubits you'd be paying without the fee.
enjoy the inflation!

also maximum kyubit pay is how many posts you have, no more than that.​
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Is your team captain being horrible at scheduling? Is someone calling you mean names when you don’t want them to?
I can “sue” them for you!
With my incredibly real law degree I will solve any problem you have with another user, shop owner, or a mod with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!*


10 kyubits - Problem with user
20 kyubits - Problem with lawfulness of a kyubit shop
30 kyubits - Problem with a user of some authority

Now with Lkjc’s Law Firm, you don’t have to solve any of your problems yourself! Just pay me a small fee to do it for you!
I will solve the problem or half your kyubits back, no questions asked.
*If this does not work I will 1. Take them to real legal court or 2. Break their legs

I'm gonna build memes/sets that don't exist but maybe work out.

1set: 20 kyubits
2 sets: 35kyubits
3 sets: 50 kyubits

(sets are not complete teams, 3 sets dont mean that you get a team its just 3 mons with shit sets selected by you)

1 team: 50 kyubits

(if you would buy more teams it is 45 kyubits extra for a team)

if i can ladder to 1700 with av blastoise, scarf shaymin and houndoom. i can probably do this as well.
my shop

you ever wanted to shit talk someone but was too scared too hurt their feelings or get banned? no problem thats why im here.

50 kyubits- ill shit talk anyone u want
100 kyubits - ill make a full paragraph on why this user is shit
150 kyubits ill angry react to 50 of their posts and then clown on them
300 kyubits ill get banned PURPOSEFULLY in the 1v1 room for shitting on said user
shit on yourself and get banned
you can have my 300 if you succeed


Find some balance and truth
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James shop cuz I’m broke of kyubits now
1 set of choice (same day delivery) 10 kyubit
1 team same day delivery: 25 kyubit
3 teams: 1-2 day delivery: 50 kyubit
5 teams (1 mon of choice on each team) 1-3 day delivery: 125 kyubit
(20-30 percent off for the first couple buyers)
(Only 2 more free 20-30 percent coupons off for the next two buyers)
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