1v1 1v1 Swiss I - Round 3


Rain Main (+2 GMT)
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calling act on my opp tom numbers, waited towards up to an hour after our agreed time and I can't wait any longer, proof is on opps wall
Activity Calls
2-0 Bracket

Kala chasmah vs Mishlef - Mishlef gets act win, the act win rule is 15 minutes.
Nick vs Podra - Nick missed time.
RudeLiees vs Pla - No response

1-1 Bracket
vs Kin+ak (✧∇✧) - stopped responding.
RawAlpha vs des121 - No contact, coinflip.
CrreamyKitty vs Lialiabeast - no show.
Thy_Leige vs Akuu - No response.
Krytocon vs ApolloIsAFemboy - Krytocon put more effort.
UwUTheGreat vs blueflames232425 - No response.
Bomb21XD vs spaceturtle6 - No response.
fake tom numbers vs Hugo - missed time into giving win.
crucify vs squidwardKK - crucify put more effort.
Proxxd999 vs dpro239 - No contact, coinflip.
Slip vs yumyumboi919 - No response.
Liimpy vs Allan2004 - No response.
KarelKaas vs AAKK888 - No contact, coinflip.
stravench vs TL The Legend - No response.
ULTRAV01D vs Baleblaze - No response.
DEG vs Itry2bfunny - No response.
Weathermelone vs BloodAce - No response.

0-2 Bracket
VELCRO111 vs Arcanine1929 - No response.
frostyicelad vs cosmic ceruledge - No response.
MiladShter vs Beemo666 - No response.
Slowest_slowbro vs LasanVGC - No response.
eu vs Michael213 - No response.
BrokenWallet vs skippergamez - Stopped responding.
SwordIsBored vs MikeyThunder - No contact, coinlip.
Seth sky god vs Quentin_bny - No contact, coinflip.
Demonburster vs dracofr - No contact, coinflip.
Indi01 vs Palestine - No response.

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The next round will be posted shortly. Replays will henceforth be required.

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