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Resource 1v1 Viability Rankings

Alright, Trevenant Nom post number 2.
I would like to propose Trevenant for C+ or higher.

Trevenant is a potent mon with a niche that no other pokemon fills, as a sub seeder with essentially infinite recovery, it can win even matchups were it should theoretically lose.
Trev's main set:

TREE GANG (Trevenant) @ Aguav Berry
Ability: Harvest
EVs: 244 HP / 12 Def / 236 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Leech Seed
- Substitute
- Protect
- Curse

Access to Curse makes Trevenant different from other sub seeders, the combo of leech seed+curse has enough chip damage to kill mons with rest, while having access to curse also makes it able to beat other grass type pokemon, like Mega-Venusaur, Ferrothorn and Jumpluff.
It's decent spdef and HP make for a good spdef wall, able to live hits and stall out specially offensive mons such as Greninja, Magearna and Naganadel.
It also beats physical mons that don't have access to strong physical stabs, such as most ground types like Golem, Donphan and Swampert.
It can even decide to run a physical set if it wishes to, to beat out mons like MMetagross, Garchomp and Haxorus.
With an obvious weakness to taunt, it can win against status-heavy mons that only run status moves, like Deoxys-S, Whimsicott and Mew, having a 50% chance to recover it's aguav berry, and having around 4 tries to get that berry (accounting protect, and the turn you're taunted)

In conclusion, while it is beat out by most top threat mons like Zards, Gyara, Dragonite, Pory-Z and most Tapu Lele's, it beats out a large majority of the rest of the VR, establishing itself as a strong special wall that doubles as a sub seeder.

plz I just want to write a Trevenant analysis
Charizard-Mega-Y: A+ to S-


I spammed zardy for 70 games during my reqs run for dnite, extremely underrated mon. Absolutely loving bulkY

FW = Fast Win
BW = Bulky Win
B = Both
L = Loss
S Rank

Charizard-Mega-X L

Dragonite L

Gyarados-Mega both??W

S- Rank

Magearna B

A+ Rank

Greninja BW (roll on 0 spdef tho)

Metagross-Mega B (if no rock slide bullshit)

Porygon-Z BW

Tapu Lele FW

A Rank


Meloetta L

Mew L? Seems like Fast beats Mewnium and Amnesia kew beats both zards

Slowbro-Mega L

Zeraora L

Zygarde-Complete L (too tanky)

A- Rank

Aegislash B

Kommo-o L

Landorus-Therian L to scarf rockslide, B otherwise

Magnezone L

Primarina BW

Tapu Fini loses to waterium, wins vs tapunium

Victini L

B+ Rank

Altaria-Mega L

Celesteela B

Clefable L

Donphan L

Garchomp L

Genesect B

Heatran L

Jumpluff B

Mawile-Mega B

Sableye-Mega FW?

Serperior B

Togekiss L

Tyranitar-Mega L

Venusaur-Mega B

B Rank

Aggron-Mega L

Blaziken-Mega L

Crustle L

Ferrothorn B

Haxorus L

Hoopa-Unbound B?

Incineroar L

Jirachi B

Kartana L

Krookodile B

Lopunny-Mega L

Magneton L

Naganadel L

Necrozma L?

Pheromosa B

Porygon2 L

Registeel B

Sawk L

Scizor-Mega B

Type: Null L

Volcarona B

Whimsicott W v babiri L vs occa + predictions and shit

giant ass threat pairs very well with mega altaria

Altaria-Mega: B+ to A-

this shit is outright broken beats gyara beats zards (zardy more reliable with confide) beats dnite 50/50s metagross beats genesect all that good shit altaria is an S rank mon but I'll settle for A-

Aegislash: A- to B+

in the zards gyara metagame, aegi doesnt find itself in a favoured position, it loses to all of S, 4/5 of A+ and a lot of other shit. I don't think aegislash is on the level of viability as the aforementioned Mega Alt and Victini, two extremely bonkers mons rn. B+ seems to be the home it is looking for.

Lopunny-Mega: B to B+

in the regiserp metagame what do we find? We find teams 3-0'd by mega lopunny, I think this is hella good, beats zards with that low sweep set Osra has, beats non scarfed dnites w/ ice punch and gyara with thunder punch? Although it loses to lele gross gearna, it is still a viable threat that deserves of B+

Magnezone: A- to B+
I think a lot of what I said in the aegislash point echoes over to here, regiserp fucks this mon, doesnt fair well against the dragons in dnite zardx kommo-o and loses to a lot of the current threats rn. Definitely not a bad mon tho


:cloyster: :gengar: :delphox:
:stakataka: :roserade: :gliscor:

these mons have little to no niche considering even chesnaught, pioneered by 5luke has some utility in having 30 million defense, get these shits out of here until you can find a usable set and team with them

thanks have a nice day and like the post so that I can get some internet clout
Stakataka with Choice Band, moves are Gyro Ball, Stone Edge, EQ, and Superpower. Almost always gets max power on Gyro, and 150 BP coming off that attack stat hits HARD. Beats Fairies, Meloetta, ZardX, PZ, non-Charm Venu, and a bunch of other stuff.

Nomming it to C+

Stakataka, Clefable, Venusaur is an okay team for it if you want to try it.
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