2017/18 (Soccer) Football Thread

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hot take: Pickford is much more integral and necessary to this English squad than Harry Kane.
England is playing well, and it would be an incredible feat to win it all.. but this tournament has been so weird. Doesn't feel like an epic World Cup. Probably because one side of the bracket is so lopsided than the other. England was smart to get 2nd in group.


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whatever happens from here this tournament has got everyone in england supporting and believing again. too many years of shite gone before. up the fucking lads

its coming home
Anything can happen at this point, but I think France are the team that England have a better chance against if they get to the final.

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lol everyone on r/soccer was throwing shit on it like it was an obvious dupe of some sort. In retrospect it tells you how integral CR7 is to our imagination of real madrid.
It will be strange to see the best player in the world play for a different team. He has been a part of Real Madrid for 9 years and is the all time topscorer. At first i did not wanted to believe it because the same story has popped up every summer since the move of Ronaldo to the estadio santiago bernabeu. He never left till today
Ronaldo the stat padder :-)

They should go for Hazard, he is better then Neymar and Mbappe and cheaper. Get rid of Benzema whilst they are at.
It's cute how so many people think England has a chance to beat France or Belgium.
I mean if South Korea can beat Germany, Russia can beat Spain, and Belgium can beat Brazil, it's not out of the realm of possibility for England to beat France.

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