2018-19 NBA Thread

Congratulations to Alex McKechnie (to this day I don't understand why we got rid of him), Marc Gasol, Jodie Meeks, Jeremy Lin.

Also Patrick McCaw winning 3 rings in his first 3 seasons is hilarious. Surpassed Norris Cole.

Torn ACL for Klay. Playing through that hamstring injury and 5 straight finals runs will do that to you. Warriors got a lot of stuff to deal with this summer with their top two free agents out the majority of next season.
I think tonight is the closest I've been to throwing-up drunk.
Go all-in. Drink, throw up, rinse and repeat. You don't get to celebrate championships very often. Celtics have only done so once since 1987.

KD's calf and Achilles, Klay's hamstring and ACL. Good on Uncle Dennis and Kawhi for not bending the knee to Fuhrer Popovich pressuring him to play last season when he wasn't ready.

Kawhi Leonard said:
A lot of people thought I was faking the injury or didn’t want to play for my team & that was disappointing to me. So just going through that, I knew I just had to trust myself. It doesn’t matter what anyone had to say about me.
cc: Spurs, Popovich, Tony Parker
warriors want to sign klay and kd back.. both are pretty much not usable next year..

Are the Warriors a top team again in two years time tho? im really curious how that group develops and ages.. and how the rest of the league evolves in that time. If enough teams make the jump.
It'd be crazy to get both of them back, and having to re-sign Dray next summer. Is that luxury tax bill really worth paying for winning titles?
Whoa wasn't expecting a monster trade so soon. Well I'd rather have AD on the Lakers than the Celtics. Surprised the Lakers got to keep Kuzma though.
Looks like the Lakers will have somewhere between 27-32 million in cap room depending on when the deal is executed/Davis's signing bonus. I'd bet the house that Kemba is signing with them.

(also Sixers please keep Jimmy Butler)
Looks like the Lakers will have somewhere between 27-32 million in cap room depending on when the deal is executed/Davis's signing bonus. I'd bet the house that Kemba is signing with them.

(also Sixers please keep Jimmy Butler)
If we can dump Bonga/Wagner onto another team, it's possible to do what GSW did with KD. Offer a 1+1 slightly short of the max to one of the 7-9 year vets (Jimmy, Kyrie, Kawhi all fall into this category), then re-sign using non-bird rights for 120% of that salary next summer. How does that work?

Let's say we sign that player to a $28.5m contract for this year. 120% of that would be $34.2m next summer. The hypothetical max we can offer this summer is $32.7m with 5% raises, which means his salary next season under the 4-year max is $34,335,000, almost identical to the 120% offer. Rinse and repeat until we get full bird rights. Essentially he'd be taking a $4m pay cut to join Davis and LeBron.
Boston Celtics center Al Horford will not exercise the $30.1M option on his 2019-20 contract and become an unrestricted free agent, league sources tell ESPN. Horford and the Celtics both have interest in working toward a new deal in July, sources tell ESPN.

Major change in the Al Horford situation: Per source close to Horford, his side is no longer discussing a new 3-year deal to stay with the Celtics. He is expected to sign a 4-year free agent contract elsewhere...

Boston and Al Horford had discussed contract scenarios, but the gulf is too great for sides to believe they can close on a new deal now, league sources tell ESPN. Horford is prepared to enter the free agency to find a three or four year deal elsewhere.

Per source: Aron Baynes opted in with the indication that he would not be part of a trade package this summer. There is an understanding that a trade could happen down the line, but Baynes opted in with the idea that he would be staying in Boston for at least the near-term.

Aron Baynes opted in with the Celtics under the idea that they would be a contender. With it looking like things are heading the other way, Boston will work on finding Baynes a role with a contending team, while opening up cap space for themselves.

Sources: Boston has traded center Aron Baynes to Phoenix.


Don't forget that Danny Ainge promised everything is on the table for Anthony Davis lmaoooo never trust that guy.
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And there we have it, AD waives his trade kicker, Bron gives him the number 23 jersey.

Heat Bron, Bosh, KD took pay cuts to give their teams more cap space to build a team. Dirk and Duncan both took pay cuts for years to do the same. But AD waiving his trade kicker (which most players do) makes no sense? He still gets the amount he's owed on his contract, and it doesn't impact his next contract whatsoever.

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