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Starting in 2019, OM players will have a chance to prove that they're the best overall OM player by earning points when competing in a series of tournaments throughout the year. At the end of the year, there will be a seeded playoffs consisting of the top 16 players with the most points. The winner of the playoffs will be crowned the overall best OM player of the year and have the ribbon above added to their postbit. The ribbon will last for a year until it is greyed out and permanently affixed to your postbit.


  • Anything Goes Open - January 6
  • Mix and Mega Open - January 13
  • ZeroUsed Open - January 20
  • Almost Any Ability Open - January 27
  • Balanced Hackmons Open - February 3
  • Grand Slam Playoffs (Top 8) - March
  • Spring Seasonals (AG, BH, M&M, ZU) - March
  • Anything Goes Ladder Tournament - April
  • Premier League - June
  • Balanced Hackmons Ladder Tournament - July
  • Fall Seasonals (AG, BH, M&M, ZU) - September
  • World Cup - October
  • Championship Playoffs (Top 16) - December
Single elimination tours (Opens, LT Playoffs) will use this for scoring, and double elimination tours (Seasonals) will use this. Grand Slam Playoffs will receive 5x the standard points (i.e. 2500 for 1st, 1875 for 2nd, 1000 for 4th). Team tournaments (Premier League, World Cup) are not subject to circuit points. Championship Playoffs will be a seeded single elimination tournament featuring a best of five in the following metagames AAA / BH / AG / M&M / ZU.

All tournaments with points on the line will take place in the Circuit subforum. Signups, updates, and standings will be announced in this thread. Best of luck to everybody!
As this is a first for OM, people have been asking a lot of questions. So here's a FAQ which I will continuously update.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Championship?
It is the tournament that will occur at the end of the year that will decide the best OM player. It will include the top 16 players on the circuit points leaderboard, and is a seeded single elimination tournament. The winner of the Championship Playoffs earns the ribbon.

If gen 8 is released in the middle of the year, will tournaments be played in gen 7 or 8?
Depends on when it is released. If it is released and fully playable on Pokemon Showdown before the start of the Fall Seasonals, then the Fall Seasonals and Championship Playoffs will be played in gen 8. If Fall Seasonals are played in gen 7, then the Championship Playoffs will also be played in gen 7.

Does the OM Grand Slam use the same points system?
No. Just as previous years, the OM Grand Slam will use this system. Take a look at OMGS III standings as an example.

Why is 1v1 not included?
It was originally intended to be included in the circuit; however, it didn’t make sense to have representation when it was not going to be an option in the championship due to its nature. This circuit is also quite large compared to other circuits, so sacrifices had to be made.
The standings have finally been updated for all completed tournaments up until now.

The top 16 as it stands:

5Quantum Tesseract1033
12Velvet Blood610
14Dj Breloominati♬587
14Zephyr Dragon Lord587

With BHLT Playoffs underway, and Fall Seasonals yet to come, who will break into the top 16 and who will crack under the pressure!? View the full leaderboard here.

* If you notice any mistakes, please report it to me on Smogon or on Discord
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