UU 2019 UnderUsed Championships - Finals [Won by Xiri]

It’s nice to see a PU main branch out and manage to win UU ribbon. I know a lot of people have already been mad over Pearl not winning but I just want to say good job to everyone who made it this far and nice run Pearl. You’ll still be number one in our hearts, or maybe next year ^^

CBU I expect you to win majors again next year. No excuses :psyangry:

Accelgor the hero that UU needs, but doesn’t deserve. Love you, and I hope you do great things in Gen 8.

Adaam we always argue in the UU discord but you’re a cool person and its a shame we haven’t gotten to talk much recently. Good luck in your SPl run!

Good job to everyone who made it thus far, and have a great new year.


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Congratulations Xiri!

I want to start off by recognizing our UU Championship III participants. Some of you have had incredibly consistent runs throughout the 2019 UU circuit, while others succeeded in putting their names on the map and showing the audiences that they could compete neck and neck with our seasoned veterans. To those who, like myself, were unsatisfied with their performances in the playoffs or at any point throughout the year, I assure you that you will inevitably find the success and results you wish if you continue to nurture a positive outlook and seek ways to improve.

To our finalists, thank you for entertaining the rest of us with your play and providing a fitting end to the SM UU history books.

Pearl, you've been the prime model of consistency that many in the UU community look up to and seek to emulate. This set was yet another display that others can learn from and although you've expressed the desire to step away from the UU community, I hope you can participate in the future tournaments to give me more good fights further inspire the community with your unique blend of teambuilding and playing ability.

Xiri, you've had an excellent year filled with tournament accolades and I'm happy for you to add yet another symbol of victory to your trophy case. It's always refreshing to see newer players to the tier flourish and find their way to the fine line that's between comfort and success. Your UU journey can most definitely serve as a model that others in the community, notably those who wish to take their skills to the next level and are just a couple of breaks away from doing so, can follow and learn from. Once again, congratulations on becoming just the 3rd UU champion and I look forward to seeing you play in the tournaments to come.

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