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Starting in 2020, RU players will once again have a chance to prove that they're the best overall RU player by earning points when competing in a series of tournaments throughout the year. At the end of the year, there will be a seeded playoffs consisting of the top 16 players with the most overall points. The winner of the playoffs will be crowned the overall best RU player of the year and have the ribbon above added to their postbit. The ribbon will last for a year until it is greyed out and permanently affixed to your postbit.

2020 RU Circuit Schedule

RU Classic - January All Type C (including playoffs)
RU Kickoff - March Type B
RU Seasonal - May Type A
RU Open - June Type A
RU Seasonal - September Type A
Grand Playoffs - December

  • Weighting
Tournaments will be broken down into three individual types: Type A tournaments are the largest and will yield full points for winning (500). Type B will yield half (250). Type C will yield 1/3 (166). Tournaments are weighted based on a combination of their significance and difficulty. The better you do in a more important tour, the more likely you are to qualify for the grand playoffs.
  • Changes from last year
Majors will be retired this year and replaced with a kick off tournament. With a new gen accompanying the circuit this year, we figured it would be best to have a small scale tournament to test the waters of the new gen. The kick off tour will be a type B, single elimation best of three tournament. It will be hosted the month after beta, so the tier should presumably be in a playable state by then.

As you may have noticed, we’re starting the circuit off with the RU classic this year. The reason being is that we expect the tier to be unstable during the first few months to run the risk of hosting a large scale tournament. We’ll be using the classic to buy some time while the tier properly settles. In addition, unlike the previous years the type A tournaments are not spread out like we would want them to be. Between the new gen and grand slam tour dates being set in stone, there’s too many variables that are out of our control this year for us to set the circuit the way we think would be best for the playerbase.

Tour dates may be subject to change, so be on the lookout in this thread where we will announce any new updates. Look forward to another exciting year of RU tournaments! Further information on the circuit including specific tour dates, other potential changes, and signups will be posted here in the near future.


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For the first tour of the 2020 circuit, signups for the RU classic will go up soon. Specific dates:

BW RU Cup - January 1st - hosted by Feliburn
XY RU Cup - January 7th - hosted by MrAldo
SM RU Cup - January 14th - hosted by bkdrew

These tournaments are bo3, single elimination. There is a playoffs participants can qualify for at the end of all three cups. All the cups and the playoffs award points for grand playoffs and are Type C level tournaments. Signups will be closed for an individual cup once it reaches 64 participants. At most, signups will stay open for one week, but don’t count that they’ll be open for more than a few days. We may bump this thread again once the first cup goes live. Be sure to check the #announcements channel in the RU discord for updates on this tournament and other important RU happenings.

**EDIT** Due to turnout, signups for all three cups will cap at 96 instead of 64!
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