NOC 2d3 Mafia - Postgame (Mafia Win)

Approved by Duskfall98, hosted by me
Hello everyone welcome to 2d3 Mafia, changed due to a lack of players.
Here's the link to the setup:

General Rules/Game Etiquette
  1. Obey all site-wide rules.
  2. Communication outside the thread is not allowed unless
  3. You may not quote private communication of any kind! This includes moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind. Paraphrasing (for role claims, etc.) is acceptable.
  1. Prods of missing players will be issued after 24 hours of no activity.
  2. A prodded player has 24 hours to respond to the prod, after which time a replacement search will begin. The prodded player may re-enter the game so long as no replacement has been found.
  3. A player who has been prodded 2 times is subject to possible replacement without further notice.
  4. If you anticipate being unavailable for more than 24 hours please PM. Let me, the host, know.
  5. I reserve the right to force replace players at my own discretion.
  6. If you have an active ability, please submit your action, even if you are idling. If you do not submit an action before night phase ends, you will automatically idle.
  1. Each Day Phase will last 48 hours.
  2. Each Night Phase will last 24 hours (or longer if you hammer earlier). I will stop accepting actions at 10pm GMT then open the thread by 12am GMT.
  3. Extensions are given only in extreme circumstances.
Player Actions/Voting/Player Death
  1. A simple majority of all living players must agree on one person (via voting) for a Lynch to occur (simple majority = ½ # of living players +1, rounded down). If no one has a simple majority of votes at deadline, the person with the most votes at the time will be voted out of the game.
  2. If there's a tie, the person who received the total number of votes first will be voted out of the game.
  3. Votes must be bolded to be counted.
  4. Unvotes are not necessary before changing votes.
  5. You may vote for No Vote. If this gets a majority, then nobody will be voted out of the game.
  6. Votes made using nicknames or abbreviations will be counted at my discretion. Fake vote gambits should be executed at your own peril. If I think its a vote, then its a vote.
  7. Votes must be clear, placed on their own line separate from any paragraphs.
  1. Don't impersonate me. No invisible/small/encrypted text is allowed, nor may you do anything to get around the NOC part of this game.
  2. No editing any of your posts on this thread.
  3. Any situation not explicitly covered above is subject to my discretion and will be handled as I see fit on a case-by-case basis.
This is definitely 100% not copied from Wikimafia *cough* *cough*


CaffeineBoost Modkilled D2, Vanilla Townie
Haruno Died N1, Town Doctor
realiti Died N2, Vanilla Townie
Laurel Voted out D2, Vanilla Townie
Blazade Voted out D3, Vanilla Townie
LittEleven Died N2, Vanilla Townie
Celever Won, Mafia Roleblocker
Panic Station Voted out D1, Mafia Goon
bluegummybear Last Town remaining, Town Jailkeeper

Day 2 Timer:

The game is currently over!
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Alright actually my afternoon plans fell through so I should be checking more regularly today. I like simple setups like this, relying on scumhunting more than mass claiming. I like small games like this where people don't shit up the thread too much or get away with inactivity coasting. And I like the playerlist, so this should be a good time.

Vote CaffeineBoost for Smogoff People's Moderator (and in this game)
Wow that c/p worked brilliantly

Ah my bad my bad

Vote BGB

Am I angleshooting correctly, BGB did something slightly unorthodox that means he's scum! :D
ayy, now we get it

but i unironically wanna wagon Laurel, why claim VT so early?

to me it seems like it may come from a scum pov rather than a town pov, since as town he tends to just say "am town" but as scum he's more likely to look at this setup in particular and think "my fake claim is always VT"

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