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Thanks whoever made my team! :heart:

Enjoy your team Puff Killa!

I wanted to try out something that wasn't full TR, so that's why almost everything is running speed. Diggersby is actually decently fast, so it doesn't rely on TR as much as Mawile. 252 speed allows it to outspeed everything up to non +spe Heatran, including Steela and defensive Zapdos. I went with Fire Punch because of Ferro, but since Rotom and Serperior both cover it, you can change that to Thunder Punch to deal with Fini/Gyarados better.

The team struggles a lot with both Charizards/Volcarona, so that's why Metagross has Rock Tomb, but you could change Rotom-H into a Heatran and make Meta bulky to better take on Mence.

Max Def Primarina is the Blaze switch-in on the team. I wanted to make it offensive, but this set does an ok job at checking Blaze and pressuring bulkier teams with Perish Song.

Serp provides a much useful Breloom answer.

Be careful with Naga, it's a really hard matchup.
Merry Christmas 11oyd hope you have fun with the team! :heart:
Thanks man, looks like a fun team :]

Leader Wallace, I made your team. Altaria is a mon that I have not looked into using before haha. I noticed most builds on the PGL and nouthuca are special but it gets reasonably decent physical options, so I thought I'd try to go even more off beat and head down that road with it.

I wanted to give Altaria an adamant nature originally but it doesn't outspeed some important threats at +1 with adamant, so jolly it had to be. In all honesty it's somewhat an awkward pokemon to use but immensely satisfying to sweep with once you get that DD up. pixelated return at +1 hits like a truck and if your opp is holding onto heatran to beat Altaria then that's a big RIP.

I found the mimikyu set quite handy for giving Altaria or Blaze setup opportunties and for neutering threats. I would usually bring it in after mamo or just lead with it.

Mamo was my sash lead of choice given the coverage which I was missing. I found tomb quite useful in supporting celest, thund and alt as all of these mons are a bit slow.

Celesteela is a pretty standard special sponge. It works best if you can get mimi to paralyze something so you can out speed your opp and setup a sub and leech seed.

Thundurus was my way of shutting down hippo, gliscor and toxapex, you could swap volt switch for plot maybe but volt switching early can leave your opp unsure of what the thund set is.

I laddered a fair bit with this team without a sixth mon and decided after a while that Blaziken was a pretty reasonable choice as an alternative mega, the team has no fire or fighting coverage otherwise and it functions pretty nicely with its team mates here.

I wish I had a bit more time to play around with this and test it more but in any case I had fun using it, I hope you do too. Merry Christmas and Happy new year :]
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Thanks to whoever made my team, I'm looking forward to trying it out! :heart:

Thanks whoever made my team! :heart:
I'm glad you like the team! :blobthumbsup:

- The EV spread on Meta lets it live EQ from +1 Adamant Mega Salamence in most situations (unless you're unlucky)
+1 252+ Atk Mega Salamence Earthquake vs. 108 HP / 4 Def Mega Metagross: 144-170 (85.2 - 100.5%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO
- Suicide lead Lando and Curse Mimikyu to weaken the opponent's team and let Kommo-o sweep late game.
- Greninja allows for revenge killing and helps the team deal with Koko and scarf Lele, both of which give the team trouble
- The spread on Mimikyu lets it survive a flare blitz from Adamant Mega Blaze, a psyshock from modest Lele, and a foul play from P2 at +2
- P2 gives the team some bulk and helps it break through bulky mons with toxic

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