Multi-gen 2v2 Doubles Pool League II - Player Signups - $170 Prize Pool

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Welcome to 2v2 Pool League II! This tournament will last an extended amount of time, so keep in mind that you must be available throughout the tournament's duration while signing up. When you sign up, you are not only committing to being active, but also to being a positive presence. No matter how your team performs in this tournament, you are promising to be a good sport and are promising to contribute to your team. Poor behavior, with this in mind, will be notice and will affect future managers' view on you in future iterations of this tournament. As always, read the general rules and guidelines for the elaboration of this topic.

We are continuing the tradition of a prize pool:
  • Every player on the winning team of this tournament will be given an equal share of the total prize pool (as of now $170 USD), unless otherwise distributed in a ratio agreed upon by every member of the winning team.
The 6 teams in this year's tour are:
(Public Team Discords in the team name, will be edited in)
:mudbray: team mule 2.0: Morgan, Krytocon
:garganacl: Girlboss Garganacls: Blanched, D2TheW
:espathra: Yassified Yasspathras: beauts, Itchy
:iron bundle: Iron Bundle Ballers: Chris32156, Helga146
:scovillain: Scovillainous Scoundrels: Fragments, STABLE
:gastrodon: GASTROWORLD: Mubs, PA

Here are the slots:
SV 2v2 Bo7
SV 2v2 Bo5
SV 2v2 Bo5
SV 2v2 Bo5
SS 2v2 Bo5
SM 2v2 Bo5
ORAS 2v2 Bo5
BW 2v2 Bo5
Here is the signup format:
Player Name:
Tiers Played:
Any Foreseeable Inactivity:
Deadline is Saturday, January 28th at 11:59M EST. It is advised that you join our discord server for information and announcements.
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Player Name: fleeting memories
Tiers Played: SV bo5, SS, SM (not the best builder in any of the 3 but somewhat know the metas), rest with support
Timezone: gmt+1 (CET)
Any Foreseeable Inactivity: uni and motivation (been considering a break from mons)
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