3rd gen with physical/special split retiering

Hey guys !

I just stumbled across a hack of FireRed that included a patch implementing the physical/special split that occured in 4th gen.
I was curious about what you thought would be high(er)-tier Pokémon in this setup ? I'm talking about casual in-game tiering of course.

Gyarados and Gengar are pretty obvious I think, as well as Absol and Dark pokémon in general maybe ? Pokémon getting the elemental punches ?

Cheers !
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Off the top of my head, Sharpedo suddenly has great physical STAB (Crunch and later Waterfall), Salamence can use Physical Dragon moves (Outrage, Dragon Claw) and Swampert can go full Physical (Waterfall and Ice Punch).
I can see
is even better due to getting a physical Dark STAB in Crunch, but besides that, I'm pretty sure every pokemon that benefited was listed.
also gets a huge buff with access to elemental punches that it couldn't use prior.


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gen 3 ingame tiering?

Something to keep in mind is that for most Water types, this isn't a huge boon unless they were rather late already. Waterfall is very late in the game. Some early Pokemon that do benefit are Oddish and Roselia, with newfound access to a special Sludge Bomb (and in Oddish's case, Acid), Poochyena (somewhat) with a physical Bite, and Breloom kind of likes physical Bullet Seed despite it still being a bad move longterm.

Aron, Electrike, and Plusle/Minun all really don't appreciate the change. Making Aron's job that much more annoying vs Wattson with special Mud Slap isn't good, and Electrike, Plusle, and Minun all demand the Shock Wave TM now if caught early since Spark is no longer acceptable.

Hilariously this actually nerfs Mudkip a bit, as Marshtomp's Mud Shot is now noticeably weaker due to being special.
I forgot about the late availability of Waterfall. And most of the special moves of previously physical types, such as Air Slash for Flying or Power Gem for Rock, or physical moves for Psychic, were introduced in Gen 4, so the split won't change much for a lot of Pokemon yet. Still...

On top of Gastly, a lot of Pokemon gain a new toy in Shadow Ball. Abra, Ralts, Beautifly, Natu, Girafarig, Roselia, Spoink, Chimeco, Gorebyss. (Shuppet, Ninjask and Zangoose are crying, though...)

Also mourning: Physical Poison-types, with the loss of Sludge Bomb (RIP Grimer)

Blaziken gains Physical Fire moves, with Fire Punch or Blaze Kick.

Corphish gains the Physical Crabhammer, albeit a bit late.

As for Carvanha, while Waterfall comes in late, it still gets STAB Physical Crunch impressively early, at level 22.

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