A Blue Giveaway [Year 2]

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My first shiny pokemon that I encountered was pidgey. Back in the days I didn't really know what shiny was but I knew that Pidgey was "meh" so I didn't want to waste pokeball on it, but in the end I decided to capture it.
IGN: Jaime
FC: 4098-8013-0544

As usual thank you for this giveaway!
First naturally shiny encountered was a miltank
IGN: yyy
FC: 3969-8925-4640

Thanks! :)
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My first shiny Pokémon was a Shiny Stunky back in Diamond. I still remember that day as it was yesterday and remember perfectly how I felt, stunned and happy at the same time.

IGN and F.C. in signature.

Thanks a lot for the amazing giveaway!
First Shiny Naturally Encountered: Spheal
Ign: Alex
Fc: 4012-9306-5660
Thanks in advance

Thanks again!
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First Shiny Naturally Encountered: carvanha, pokemon emerald :)
Ign: Engy
Fc: 4484 9010 9721
Thanks in advance!

Thanks again!
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First Shiny: Solrock in BW2. Was so surprised that I forgot it had Explosion and false swiped it. You can guess the end result :(
IGN: Marill
FC: 2337 4440 4499

Thanks very much :)
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First Shiny: Onyx in Pokemon Gold. It ran away; I didn't even know it was possible
My FC: 0877-4625-4280
IGN: Xin

Thank you!
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The first Shiny Pokémon I naturally encountered was a Girafarig in the Soul Silver Safari Zone ran away from me
IGN: Willow
FC: 0920-1413-0322
Thank you so much!!!
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First Shiny : Crabrawler on Sun. Heard a lot about it but definitely surprises !
IGN : Zarozinia
FC : 0619 8555 6963

Thanks a lot !
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My first shiny was Drowzee in the Silver version. I was still reaching Goldenrod, long before the Lake of Rage.
IGN: Cheila
FC: 1950 8149 3966

Thanks again for this marvelous Giveaway! You made my day. :)
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First natural shiny was probably pidove in b2w2

FC: 2982-1332-4984

Thanks so much man :)
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Hello again!
My first shiny encountered was actually an Onix in the Victory Road in my diamond game! I've been playing since Gen1 but it took so long to see a wild shiny pkmn ;___;

I still have you added ingame from last week :P
As always, thanks for the amazing pkmn ^^
My first shiny was a Graveler in Soul Silver, I think.
FC: 1264-0464-8211
IGN: Juan

Thanks again! :)
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My first shiny (not counting the red Gyarados) was a Beedrill caught in the Bug Catching contest in Silver

FC: 1736-1452-3455
IGN: Aravagantos

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First Shiny was a krokorok in black. Accidentally killed it because bulbapedia would not load in time
All my info is in my sig

Thank you!
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My first shiny was a Weedle in the Ilex Forest in Silver version.

FC: 3411 5414 1160
IGN: Momi Hen

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My first shiny was a clamperl back in emerald. I didn’t know what it was, just thought it was weird that the colors were different so I caught it. Oh my younger days... wish I knew what happened to it.

FC: 2724-3766-2267
IGN: Vivian

Thank you in advance!

Thank you! You’re very kind. Sorry if there was any delay on my end - someone else requested a trade and I thought it was you
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What was the first shiny Pokemon you ever naturally encountered?
Shiny Abra in Granite Cave in my Pokémon Emerald cart, lucky me got to catch it with my only Great Ball before it teleported!

I still have it, but I think I was not smart enough to clone it in Emerald, but it's still in one of my newer carts, traveled from 4 gens behind :P

IGN and FC in my Sig.
Thank you very much!

Edit: If somebody's got clones of Manaphy / Yveltal, I would very much appreciate it! As I missed them entirely, cheers!
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Hi, to answer your question my first ever shiny was a wild Donphan in OG Silver game. I was grinding at Mt Silver and caught it. My IGN is locoghoul, I'll be on for the next 3 h but it might be faster to coordinate on discord.

Thank you!
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Hey Blue, another awesome GA as usual!

My first natural shiny was a random Bibarel in the Great Marsh Safari Zone in Platinum. Thankfully I was actually able to catch it before it did a runner.

FC: 0447-7096-3663, IGN: Penelope

Thanks so much!
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That's all folks, check back soon for the next GA! I'll try get next Sunday's giveaway added to the thread within the next couple days.
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