A Blue Giveaway [Year 2]

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Hi folks! Since the demand has died down a while ago, I'd like to take this opportunity to close the giveaway for the week. The Pokemon offered in next week's giveaway will now always be featured in the thread beforehand, I hope you're looking forward to it! See you next Sunday.
First console was NES iirc been so long :|

FC: 2982-1332-4984

Thanks so much man :)
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My first Nintendo console is a translucent purple Gameboy Advance, back from when Nintendo knew how to make cool-looking handhelds.

Jeez, my first pokemon to reach lv 100 was either Raichu or Jynx in Pokemon Red. I don't remember which one was first since they reached 100 during the same League run.

FC: 1736-1452-3455
IGN: Aravagantos

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What was the first Nintendo console you ever owned? A Black Original Game Boy
First LV100 Pokémon : Mewtwo

FC : 0619 8555 6963
IGN : Zarozinia

Thanks !
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What was the first Pokemon you ever got to level 100?

I believe Charizard in Fire Red :P

IGN and FC in signature. Getting on now ^^

Thank you for the fantastic Yveltal!
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Q: What was the first Pokemon you ever got to level 100?
A: Rayquaza (My favorite dragon type pokemon)
Friend Code: 3969-8925-4640
IGN: yyy

Thanks this absolutely amazing giveaway!
My first lvl 100 Pokemon would probably be Infernape.
IGN: Jaime
FC: 4098-8013-0544

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Hello again! :D Another pretty amazing pkmn to give away!
I actually cannot remember the first Pkmn I've raised to lv 100, since I abused the MissingNo glitch in the original games to basically get everything to max level xD It was probably my beloved Blastoise... other than that, I leveled a Heracross to 100 in Leaf Green :thinking:

I still have you added from last week, information is below in my signature! Thanks in advance... again! :)

Received! Thank you!

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The first Pokémon I ever got to Level 100 was an Ursaring on my Silver version for the Game Boy.
A friend of mine caught it in the Victory Road cave on his Gold Version and traded it to me via link cable to help me with my playthrough.
IGN: Christophe | Friend Code: 4184-4501-1378
I have the FC from your signature added.

I just received the Yveltal, thank you very much for the nice Giveaway!
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Banned deucer.

The first pokemon I got to level 100 was my Blastoise in Pokemon Red version, it was also the first pokemon game I owned for the game boy colour.
FC: 1650-5807-1727 IGN: Sarah
I added the fc in ur signature

Yveltal, received, thanks very much!
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The first Pokemon I got to level 100 was Talonflame, in the previous games never got there because it was hard or didn't care.
FC: 1264-0464-8211
IGN: Juan

Thanks again!
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The first pokemon I got to lvl 100 was Scizor. It was one of the only pokemon whose design stuck out to me and caused me to be committed enough to get it to level 100.
FC: 2895 8532 0950
IGN: Verdant

Nice giveaway!
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First pokemon ever got to 100 is Blaziken
IGN: Riannon
FC: 2294-8020-3133

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Hey Blueforce,

Another absolutely fantastic giveaway. Thanks so much in advance!

My first Level 100 was my first dear partner Pokemon Cyndaquil, which was raised from reception as a starter to a Quilava, then a Typhlosion and all the way up to Level 100. Many, many fond memories were made with this Pokemon.

IGN: Penelope
FC: 0447 7096 3663

Thanks so much! The Feraligatr was RNG'd by myself, and you are free to do as you like with it, proof is here: https://imgur.com/a/DtxvD
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My first Lv 100 Pokémon was Blaziken in my first ever Pokémon game Ruby.

FC and IGN in my signature.

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My first lv100 pokemon was Blastoise in the Red version for Game Boy.

Thank you so much!
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Thanks for participating, everyone, I'm going to shut it down for now. Be on the lookout for next Sunday's GA, and enjoy Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!
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