A replay section on site?

I think it would be amazing if smogon had a section where one can easily access and upload battle replays. Sorry if this has been suggested before!

Not sure how much work it would take but i think this site for warcraft 3 has a great format with the following features.
- Marking replays which are considered the best by the smogon staff(Best pick for this would probably be the current and past smogon tournament directors)
- Having the ability to sort the replays by metagame/staff/rating
- Giving members the option to rate the game (i guess the 'like this' feature would be the best here)
- Having the ability to make battle logs temporarily private for weeks/a month before going public to prevent counterteaming.

Likewise having this section on site would prevent logs of great battle getting lost forever, which currently happens way too often.
this is a really good idea, especially the rate a game part, especially if we can have a search that allows you to view highest rated, most viewed, etc
No, he wouldn't. He's talking about high quality battles selected by the TDs or other trustworthy sources that can be viewed on Smogon and rated on or sorted. Did you even read the OP?


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I'm sure there can be some sort of link to whatever Smogon uses (if this thread comes to fruition) and the PS replay page. Perhaps the page can be loaded on Smogon as well, with users given permission to rate the battle?


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We used to have [replay] tags, so combining the code to embed replays in pages with qdb could make this work?
Even if this doesn't make a section of smogon I would still think this could be a success. Perhaps we can have stickies in each of the official Metagames where we can post replays(more than just a link of course! You should post some interesting point and anything else important). We can also advertise and suggest for RMT's to link a couple replays. I find this would be extremely beneficial in rating teams and can do more in understanding a user's play style.


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the thread with the ost9 final game has been a booming success, if we could have threads like these with a replay where community members offer their commentary on the battles that would be awesome! full support


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I think Mien meant having a place on the site where replays can be viewed by the public and users can up/downvote, comment, and sort them to see the best battles.

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