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Yall can request stuff but I will only do 'em if I like it, sorry. You can still try asking for it tho. Even if I accept the request it may take a while depending on how busy I am irl.

Btw, if you want to use a sprite please ask for it. Most of these are not for public use.
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Yo, bumpin' this thing after over a year. Check out main post.

Edit History:
02/09/2017 - added 4 devamps (Manectric, Swablu, Altaria, Slaking)
06/29/2018 - added old sprites, added Pichu Revamp and placeholder banner
06/30/2018 - 'finished' and added old sprite (Kyle Vs.) - (still W.I.P.)
07/01/2018 - Fixed some links. Google Photos sucks, give me Picasa back. Added an old sprite slightly edited.
07/23/2018 - Not spriting as much as wanted, fixed missing revamps. Working on a Bugsy sprite for quite a few days.
07/24/2018 - Finished Bugsy sprite, removed tutorials.
07/30/2018 - Made a few trainer sprites (Scraggy, Dewott, Mimikyu)
08/29/2018 - Finally delivered all the sprites requested by RGamer3layne
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Sure, I'll give it a try


☑ Espeon Trainer

☑ Sylveon Trainer

☐ Water-type Team Magma (isn't it Team Aqua tho)
This last one might take a while since the last Team Magma sprites are from RSE, so I'm trying to re-adapt 'em into BW so I can later edit 'em
Ok thank you so much!! I love the sylveon one so much. Keep it up! (also thank you for taking your time for the team magma one, and yes ik but i wanted to see team magma's style into water type so tysm for cooperating)
ayy, sorry 'bout the wait:

Made the RSE Maxie and admins. Tried to give 'em a beach look.
The resized originals are here for comparison.

I might try to make the ORAS Magma and grunts later.

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