Tournament AAA LC Minitour [Won by The Number Man]

The AAA LC format on the rom server doesn't have the same rules as this tour. On the rom server, it's only LC with the ignore illegal abilities rule. But our format has some bans and unbans from LC. So we can't play on the rom server.
Sorry, when you have 475 playable formats on your server it's easy to overlook banlist changes... I've only patched ROM's validator for now so /dt will still show the wrong bans but actually validating a team should work (ideally open a helpticket if it doesn't).
No problem. I was just raising the problem in order to avoid further mistakes in the tour.
I understand that it's hard (impossible?) to keep everything up to date the whole time.
The validator looks ok now, thank you =)
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I wrote on my opponent's wall on monday and got no response. He did PM me on smogon a couple of days later, but he hasn't responded since then. Can provide proof tomorrow.

EDIT: added SS of conversation.


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