Ability Balance

I'm not entirely sure I understand the changes to Lightning Rod and Storm Drain - looking at them all I could think is that they were nerfed, before they raised special attack one stage and now they raise one particular type one stage...? There's not even any Lightning Rod users who'd use physical electric moves or Storm Drain users who'd use physical water moves, so I'm just completely dumbfounded by the change.
This is a work in progress and individual changes are not guaranteed to stick. (We've discussed that one ourselves, but things are going slowly right now)

Part of the thought was to reduce Doubles Discharge shenanigans, if that clarifies anything. The other part was consistency (Making Flashfire no longer a random exception), though I personally don't rate that very highly as a priority.
Sorry for the topic revival, but the first page link is broken (webpage went down). Can you upload the list on an alternate server, so if it doesn't come back, users like me don't miss the project?
2 out of three members of this project are not active on Smogon -I know for a fact one of them has essentially moved on, while Sun King was "last seen" according to his profile sometime in 2015- so I wouldn't get your hopes up, and in any event the member who could do the edits seems to be gone.

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