ADV Cup III - Round 2

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requesting an extension for tuesday night. ive been busy w/ work and some irl shit came up with dice when we were supposed to play. we're both good on tuesday and are intent on getting it done then


we can't find a convenable schedule with NewBreed, he is gmt+10 and im gmt+2, i guess we need an extension
Activity post, scheduled with IFM to play today around tour time, i was on since a bit earlier and checked it at the ST time but he was playing for another tour, so waited until his game ended to tell him to play but he just left after that game and never came back. Im still on but i will leave soon since i need to wake up soon tomorrow to work.


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think Void and I are gonna need an extension to get this one done chief, we originally had planned on playing Friday but it seems we missed each other. I was busy all weekend so yea. We'll get it done ASAP and I'd very much like to play please BKC-dono!!!!
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