ADV Cup V - Round 1

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We were not able to schedule for two weekly ends in a row.
On the eve of the deadline I request the activity.
It will be in my opponent's interest to request a response extension.

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Opponent let me take the win because of technical issues on their side.

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Gotta ask for extension, we scheduled for today but Im sick and really not feeling like playing, we already scheduled again to play on Wednesday
My opponent missed the scheduled time (we scheduled for 40min ago) and I'll probably can't play later today...

edit : opponent gave me the win
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i would like to claim victory please, my opponent didn't show up
It is true that I missed the scheduled time (which he actually never confirmed) once due to an emergency but I was ready to play for the rest of the day and this msg got sent 5 minutes after I showed up today despite him having plenty of time to be able to play me. Would like to ask for an extension I'll be able to play at any time my opponent requests on any day my opponent requests.
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