Championship - Type B ADV Grand Slam (Round 1 Finished)


The Smogon Grand Slam was created during the fifth generation (BW). This means that ADV lower tiers were never featured in a Grand Slam. This will be the closest recreation possible to a hypothetical ADV Grand Slam that can be done at this time.

This will be a best-of-five single elimination tournament with Ubers, UU, NU, PU, and LC (All in ADV).

Why include PU, you may ask? The modern (and initial) Smogon Grand Slam have (had) Ubers, the three tiers below OU, and LC. In the case of ADV, these three tiers are UU, NU, and PU, rather than UU, RU, and NU. This is because there is no ADV RU tier (RU was created during BW).

This tournament counts as Type B for Smogon Championship. The point distributions for a Type B tournament are as follows:

The tier lists being used are those on Pokémon Showdown's teambuilder (except for LC), here, and here.

Ubers will be challenged in [Gen 3] Ubers and UU, NU, PU, and LC will be challenged in [Gen 3] OU. Replays are required or else the games will not be counted (no exceptions).

Round 1 is finished.

Plas v. Marshall.Law
Arifeen v. Kushalos
Britania v. CKW
LordST v. ggggd
CyberOdin v. Pkrs
Miere v. neomon
Contact v. Alfredo_Rivero
Mysterious M v. AM
BOUFF v. Santu
hyperbeem v. HNBL
amber lamps v. I hate ninjask
Ninjadog~ v. Lord Booty Milk
v. p2
My Thunder v. Sapientia
zugubu royale v. Pohjis
Chrisloud1 v. DurzaOffTopic
Akashi v. TSR
PasY_G v. Heysup
v. Hamhamhamham
Djokra v. Lycans
Mega meganium v. Ranshiin
Rodriblutar v. LAChargerZ
MiyoKa v. The Idiot Ninja
Arlaxeon v. Megazard
v. SiTuM
byronthewellwell v. Asuya
Quantum Tesseract v. Spl4sh
Raseri v. HSOWA
Aaronboyer v. Der Dreckige Dan
ProfessorMasterChief v. Askov
bronco-bama and Will-I-am haves a byes.
bronco-bama v. eren
Will-I-am v. teal6
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