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(Art by Dybala jr. Thanks for the contribution!)

Welcome to the wonderful tier that is ADV! To get you started, we are providing a bunch of free teams!

Sample Teams
These are teams that have mostly made their way into the history books of ADV. They are teams that represent ADV's major archetypes, and are roughly placed by descending order in terms of prevalence of archetype and ease of use. Over time, this thread may become outdated, so if you think any teams should be added/removed, let a moderator know.

Balanced Toxic, Sandstorm, and Spikes (TSS)
Starmie TSS by UD
Molt Superman by Golden Sun
SkarmMag + Aerodactyl TSS by BKC (updated by Astamatitos)
Moltres TSS submitted by eden
MixMence Aero Forre TSS by Star

Offensive TSS / Spikes Offense
Jolteon Starm Spike Stack by Kerts

Defensive TSS
Double Status Zapdos + Dugtrio + CM Celebi Balance by Astamatitos
Forretress TSS by M Dragon
Milotic Claydol TSS by Zokuru

Spinner balance
Hariyama Marowak SpinMie Balance by Star
SubZap OffYama SpinMie Balance by TDK (submitted by Star)

Mixed offense
Blue Offense by Noitu
Mixed Offense submitted by thelinearcurve

Special offense
ZapDug Offense submitted by eden

Spikes offense
Smeargle Vaporeon offense by eden
Smeargle Zapdos offense by eden

Calm Mind + Baton Pass
CM Spam by dekzeh
Magneton Special Spam by vapicuno

Physical offense
CBMeta Mag SubPassBi DDSpam by vapicuno

Magdol (Spikesless bulky setup)
MagDol + Double Set-up submitted by CZ.

Swords Dance + Baton Pass
Aero SD Pass by z0mOG
Milotic SD Pass by Teclis

Team Dumps
The following are team dumps donated by members of the community. They have not been curated unlike the sample teams, but nevertheless are a treasure trove of information about ADV!
Bold = recommended for learning the metagame
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