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cool 6, you should drop a paste of it so we can all use it on ladder
Your message might have been sarcasm/satire regarding Ninjask spam on ladder or something, but I'm not sure and I don't expect everyone else who reads it to interpret it in that way, so I'd like to chime in here.

The lack of a setlist or pokepaste in Pesce's post implies to me that they've already made their decision regarding your request. They already knew that their team would be in high demand, having made such an impressive accomplishment with it. AFAIK posting teams in this thread hasn't been discouraged, and some players (including myself) have chosen to share them, so Pesce probably views posting theirs as something that wouldn't be taboo or whatever. But there are plenty of valid reasons why they would choose to keep the team private, and we ought to respect whatever decision they go with.

As I've been writing this my sarcasm senses have been going off harder, but there's a lot of people out there that act as if every team made by a competent player should be made public. These players are missing out on developing teambuilding skills and identity and thus gaining a better understanding of the game as a whole, so I'll still share that message here even if it means risking a contextual fail. Since some teams are posted here, there might be some people lurking here that this post applies to.
claiming surgical strike again, last submission was +2 speed/atk hera KOing 4 mons but opp ff'd with 2 unrevealed so I guess technically there was still a chance I didn't finish within 3 mons. can't do replays so here's Pastebin of the battle logs https://pastebin.com/CS2V9xfg
link if necessary: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen3ou-2002380545-s8bpkctex0g6g2m3d3kevye3c9te7atpw

edit post-replays being fixed:
claiming not so weak: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen3ou-2004010560-ns13ncmb96lc57ss9y6v3v2jg8s8eiupw


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Silver knowledge (for whatever that's worth nowadays). Might also have gotten bronze tactics; did not keep track of my win streak but I laddered straight from upper 1200s. Is there any way to check that?
I’m thinking about archiving the current ladder peaks and recreating the achievements similar to how rby has done it based on discord feedback. The peaks would remain, but id change up some of the individual metrics. What do you guys think?
This has now been implemented, let season 2 begin!
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I also wanted to make something more clear:

If you are going for completing all of the challenges and completed some under season 1, your progress will still count towards getting them all in season 2. Let's say you needed just tactics and guts to get the custom avatar, you can still get the custom avatar if you complete these. I apologize for not making this more clear
I dunno if count now with the new metric, but i beat again uubl record. I also apply for knowledge/brave in case. I think i cannot go any further with this team.
I use a similar team so I'd like to ask: how does your team deal with Flying types? Specifically Physical mence and Aerodactyl. I suppose Regirock can wall them for some time, but once he's out of the picture your entire team dies to HP Flying/Earthquake.

My own team uses bulky Metagross and to a lesser extend Suicune to deal with physical Mence + Aerodactyl, but they can get worn down similarly to Regirock so I tend to have issues with these two Flying types.

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