Gen 3 ADV Ubers mini-analyses thread

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Okay I would like to talk about some Pokemon that aren't listed. Because i really think there are more viable Pokemon.

Mew: It has solid stats and a very good movepool. It's not used that often, but it deserves a place in this ranking. I would say B rank is okay for it.

Aerodactyl: It has a great speed, i think just Deo outspeeds it and with CB it can hit hard. Thanks to Ability Rock Head it doesn't lose any HP from Double-Edge. I would rank it in B+.

Slaking: Some people say it isnt viable. I say a CB Return in your face is viable af. Slaking outspeeds with his 100 base speed a lot of stuff, even Modest Latis. Switch ins? Really rare. Even a 0- SpAtk Fire Blast is a 1HKO on Forretress. It has also Shadow Ball to catch the possible Gengar switch-in. Return is a 1HKO on a lot of things. And you can even go for Hyper Beam. You are locked for 1 turn but in late game it can be usefull. I would rank it A-


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This is the wrong thread for that - try the viability ranking thread

If you're looking for analyses, those Pokemon are not on here because I haven't got around to writing them. You can help with them if you like!
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Rayquaza is nearly identical to Salamence. It shares the same type and similar stats--somewhat. Rayquaza has more Attack, and a hell of a lot more Special Attack for only a bit less Speed. This thing is Mr. Utility--it learns a lot of moves.
I'll probably reword this to something like:-

Albeit it sports the same typing as Salamence. The God of the Skies has better attacking stats and a more varied movepool; in exchange for a slight decrease in Speed. Its utility is further bolstered by the fact that Air Lock negates weather enabling it to roast Steel-types such as Magneton and Skarmory in Rain with Overheat and, resetting the doubled Speed of Chlorophyll/Swift Swim users like Shiftry, Exeggutor, Qwilfish, and Omastar. With a solid priority move in Extreme Speed, it can revenge kill faster threats such as the Latwins and Deoxys-A with ease.

Also considering the Special Attacker set to go something like:-

Rayquaza @ Magnet / NeverMeltIce / Leftovers
Ability: Air Lock
EVs: 40 HP / 252 SpA / 216 Spe
Rash Nature
- Brick Break
- Ice Beam / Extreme Speed
- Thunderbolt / Extreme Speed
- Fire Blast

My slash game is weak but that's what I kinda use.
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