Tournament AG Snake Draft III - Commencement Thread


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thanks Spellcaster for the amazing art!
The managers and teams for this edition of AG Snake Draft are:

:palafin: Sacred Palafins - managed by Trade

:yveltal: Yveltal Yeet Squad - managed by Bread Sandwich

:polteageist: Smash-Passing Polteageists - managed by Fc and Nevelle

:weavile: Weeaboo Weaviles - managed by Leru and Hyogafodex

:annihilape: Angry Annihilapes - managed by Frozoid

:hydreigon: Headstrong Hydreigons - managed by lotiasite and baconeatinassassin

feel free to post anything (besides signups) in this chat. managers, please post your team discords here! have a great tour everyone!
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AGSD III Power Rankings based on Team Names
First of all, the names as a whole suck this year. Creativity was lacking severely. Y’all should’ve hired me to help name the teams.

1. Yveltal Yeet Squad
Best name by a mile. It’s grown on me over the years, and Yveltal is one of my favorite Pokémon, but it’s still not an S Tier name.

2. Headstrong Hydreigons
Overall a solid name. Points for alliteration and the intimidating mon as a mascot. Headstrong is also a really underrated and perfect adjective to go alongside Hydreigon, but it still strikes me as overall a bit basic.

3. Smash-Passing Polteageists
Okay name. Alliterative, appropriate given the mascot, and not offensive in any way except hyper offensive. Polteageist is a strange mascot choice though and the smash pass reference is pretty obvious.

4. Angry Annihilapes
This should have been the Irate Annihilapes. The slant rhyme and the overall force of the word irate would’ve been an S tier name and easily the best name of the bunch. One of my favorite gen 9 mons was done so dirty by this name. The last two names are just so bad that it’s somehow as high as #4.

5. Weeaboo Weaviles
Why. Just why. The only reason it’s not last is the “wee” sounds pairing well together. Not only are weeaboos cringe but what about Weavile screams “weeaboo”? Awful.

6. Sacred Palafins
What… just what… what the fuck is this?? No alliteration, and what about Palafin is sacred?? Superheroes aren’t sacred. Palafin was never revered as a deity. Like seriously?? If there was a tier below F tier it would be there. Straight-up awful name.

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