AGPL II - Commencement Thread


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Anything that isnt a signup goes in here, happy discussion and remember that improper posting will result in the offender being slotted into ORAS AG for the entirety of the tour
Managers for AGPL II

:marshadow: ice-master-523 with the Menacing Marshadows (Discord)
:pichu: pichus with the Precious Pichus (Discord)
:houndoom: PurpleGatorade with the Horrendous Houndooms (Discord)
:sableye: Fardin with the Salt Mining Sableyes (Discord)
:arceus: Velvet Blood with the Abyssal Arceus (Discord)
:darkrai: Skarph with the Dream-Shattering Darkrais (Discord)
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Hello everybody, we did a mock tonight and here are the results (obviously there's gonna be many more signups, but it was fun nonetheless and I would like to thank everybody who participated):
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Are these the squads itself?

pichus edit: no, these are not the final squads. this is just a mock draft. the actual draft will happen around 2 weeks from now.
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