AGPL II - Commencement Thread

It seems the AGPL II Semi-Finals thread is now locked (which is unfortunate), so I guess I'll be posting in here.

Sadly, our run has come to an end, Abyssal Arceus, but what a run it has been. We overcame being ranked bottom of the PR to make playoffs, and we were super close to moving straight onto finals as well. It wasn't always perfect, but I really enjoyed being a part of this team and all the fun we had overall. From spamming emojis and :pog:, to collectively hating Galar Dex (and how the greatest punishment Velvet could inflict was to put us in Galar Dex), to putting our cocks on our keyboards, to utilizing HypnoGar to its full potential, to all-caps supporting one another in our matches, it's certainly been a lot of fun. Personally speaking, this was my first AGPL as a player/teammate, and I had a great time assisting with testing and building, being a part of the team environment, and in playing a couple of ORAS matches. I want to give shoutouts to our team because I feel like you guys have been pretty awesome.

Velvet Blood ~'re just so awesome. You have been so supportive of all of us on the team, and the sheer amount of teambuilding you did throughout this AGPL was amazing. Your enthusiasm and positivity were super infectious throughout, and I definitely think they were big reasons why we were able to have such a successful team tour together. Thank you so much for drafting me and for everything. You've long been one of my favorite people on PS, and I was super happy to be on the same AGPL team as you. :) Best manager I could have asked for.

Sitonai ~ Sitonaiiiii, we have to keep building and testing for USUM after this! I enjoyed all of our test games and building/strategizing together (we must have played like 40+ games LOL), and it was really awesome to be on the same team as you. It was awesome to get to know you better, and you are a really amazing player. Also, all the times that you literally stayed up all night to build more or to watch your teammates play--so good. See you around! :)

PinkDragonTamer ~ PDT, you just killed it this AGPL. I mean, come on, you hadn't played a game of Nat Dex AG before AGPL I don't think, but you picked up the format like nothing and brought so much competitive energy and positivity to the team. I didn't really know you beforehand--just that you were a good OM player--but I'm so glad we got to meet and play together for this AGPL. I know you weren't happy with how you played at the end, but just know that we all are super proud of you on the team and impressed as well. Good luck in the rest of Slam, though! Killing it.

vivalospride ~ Dearest Vivian, what is there to say? You're amazing. I feel like I didn't get to hang out with you quite as much as I had hoped this AGPL, but you did awesome throughout the tour as always and there's always more time for Anderson Paak love over TS. Another really strong AGPL for you, and I'm super glad we could be on the same team. Good luck in Snake! (Also, another amazing predict post soon?)

Felucia ~ You are such a lovely presence around PS, and I'm so happy you got drafted for AGPL! I always have appreciated you brightening up the AG chatroom when you come online, and it's nice getting to know you better. Let's do another AG 1v1 tour soon. hehe And I'll see you around PS in The Library and AG!

martha ~ :pog: Aww, Martha, it's been fun. :) I always enjoy chatting with you, whether it's about GP stuff or whatever else. You were a great assistant manager for the team, and I appreciate all you did to make sure everything ran smoothly and that we stuck to the rules.

Geysers ~ You did a good job throughout AGPL, Ben, and you're clearly always improving as an AG player. Your bot is pretty cool, and I hope you get to keep working on it and that it churns out some good teams for you. Good luck in the rest of Grand Prix and beyond. MMY and Shedinja are cool Pokémon in Nat Dex AG.

Bread Sandwich ~ AGL, you did a good job throughout AGPL, and hey, you're continuing to branch out with your teams, which is great! I know you'll keep improving and dedicating time to AG, so best of luck down the road with all that.

frogger1387 ~ Frogger! I'm glad you decided to come back as an AG Mod! You're always a fun person to have around in the chatroom, and I appreciate what you brought to the team. Definitely hope to hang out with you more around AG and of course have lots and lots of fun tours to break up the AG toxicity.

dream ~ Hey, dream! Sorry that things turned out maybe a bit differently than you had hoped with AGPL (I know you were really busy with other stuff outside the tournament), but hey, it was great chatting with you about ORAS stuff, and your win and early work in AGPL for the team really helped set us up for success in the other weeks. See you around and maybe I'll stop by Ubers sometime and say hi (probably not, LOL but you never know).

temp ~ Hey, belated congrats on Global Driver! :) It was cool to have you on the team, and you're buddies with Axgwd, who's my Tour Night assistant in RoA! Hope to see you around sometime.

Cam ~ It was cool being a part of the same AGPL team with you, Cam! I had seen you around AG somewhat often around AGPL time but not really gotten to know you. Have fun watching future MMA matches. haha

Alpha Rabbit ~ Hey! I feel like we didn't really talk a whole lot during AGPL, but you were a solid player on the team, and I think you're pretty good at Ubers from what I've heard. Good job throughout AGPL and hope to see you around AG!

Jordy ~ One of the things I appreciated a lot about this team is all the auths we had. And you're certainly among them, Jordy. Good luck with your many Smogon endeavors and keep improving PS and Smogon. :)

Last but definitely not least, thanks to our helpers, In The Hills (I love our mutual love of disco so much, and oh my God, they finally gave you Driver in OM!), mistermath (dude, you were so helpful! You'll for sure get drafted next year. Thanks for all the Nat Dex support!), Axgwd (heyyy :) I'll see you for our next Tour Night soon LOL), Blastblaze (not sure if you have a Smogon account, but thanks for being a part of the team environment!), and of course, thanks to Jho for hosting this AGPL.

Good luck to the Pichus and Sabs in finals. I hope to see some great matches.

Also, I guess this is my 250th post, so that's exciting! :O

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