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Hi everyone! I’m Albinson (or Albi in short) Welcome to my art thread! I’m not a very consistent artist, in the sense that I can draw non stop for one month and then take a break for a loong time, but I hope you appreciate my stuff and that I can keep this updated as much as possible.
I usually draw digitally on procreate, although I do have some old traditional drawings too, and I recently started making polymer clay sculptures of pokemon that I like.

Logo requests open!
Little boring rules about them
1) I will tackle one at a time, if I try to make two in the same week I’ll either not finish one or they’ll just be bad
2) pm me here or on Discord (Albi#6263) at least one week before the day you need the logo. If the week is particularly busy or i don’t think I can make the artwork nicely I will tell you and decline







yes the tails became the pex shelter. Kinda neglected Ninetales' color scheme aside from fire and red spikes (look more like blood, but I liked it anyway, made it more menacing
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More stuff! Posting this made me want to draw more so here’s a couple of drawings. These were mostly to try out some composition and coloring tricks, the actual pokemon drawing took waay less than the backgrounds



Sheesh these are super good, makes it even more impressive that you can expand to clay
Thank you! Unfortunately clay will be less frequent since I don’t have much at the moment, but I hope I can manage to do some more little mons in the future.
Update time!
Discovering the workshop was awesome for me cause one of the reasons I stop drawing after a while is that I don’t know what to draw, or I know but then it doesn’t work out and I leave it there forever. Having specific requests and having to fulfill them solves the problem, especially when they’re so fun and allow so much creativity.

First is the AG Core Ladder Challenge. This was left there for a while so I thought "well, if nobody's going to take it, might as well try". I actually did like 60% of it before taking the request cause I was anxious I wouldn’t be able to complete it :smogduck:

love drawing a cute little Marshadow between those monsters

Next up, a general art for the AG forum. Again, a request left there for months, apparently legendaries are not so popular to draw. I also kept my progress in different pictures just for fun, gonna leave that here too
I sent this to the requester first to see if they liked the overall idea
Zygarde without shadings is basically monocolor lol

Last (for now), legendaries again! This time for Ubers, and I took the request immediately after it appeared cause it was so fun. I would’ve liked to do step by step of this too, but there were so many layers and so much stuff to keep track of that I couldn’t do it
I also had Yveltal pencils in the first sketches, but they were too small and hard to see in the overall picture. Also, I want that kyogre thing irl, don’t know if it exists but I hope so

Til next time!
Weekly update!
(Ok maybe they won’t always be weekly but let’s say they are for now)
First of all, happy holidays to everyone! I hope you’ll spend a good Christmas with your families in these complicated times and I wanted to draw something cute and wholesome to wish you the best of luck in all of the struggles that life can throw at you.
I also liked the idea of coloring the pokemon in a different way to give a different vibe compared to my workshop things, so here you go!

And back to "official" stuff, I got to work again with the AG people (which, btw, pretty fun tier to play casually on ladder, check it out) for their Snake Draft!
i'm happy that I’m learning so many things on digital coloring, the red/yellow parts would’ve taken me so long before but now I’m gaining experience on how to work with levels and selection and other stuff so it becomes easier (also bless procreate forever)

Happy Holidays again, and see you next time!
Random things I quickly did these days
Doodle/meme on rby ubers freeze wars (a blob beating the almighty Mewtwo was always funny to me)

two works for a possible project of many pokemon's creepy redesigns for an imaginary horror pokemon region. this idea might last for a while or be totally dumped after these two redesigns, depends if I find cool inspirations or not

I actually posted creepy Qwilfish in the mega evolutions thread because I started the drawing with the idea of making a mega, but I think it works better as a redesign/regional form of some sort
dunsparce eyes really resemble mine in the morning lol
i didn’t think about anything in terms of lore or why they became like that so I leave that to your own imagination, I just wanted to draw something cool and possibly scary and I like the end result overall. Feel free to pm me if you have some cool ideas as to why they became these abominations in this region (I'll leave my discord in the OP)
Back to the workshop for the Ubers core ladder challenge. I couldn’t draw marsh again because it would’ve looked the same as AG and I had to go out of my comfort zone and get familiar with other legendaries' designs, like Caly and Groudon.
let’s say I now understand why everyone says animals are hard to draw, particularly horses lol

happy to say the "hollow" pokemon project (temporary name) is not in the dumpster yet, here are Floatzel and Mantine.

It’s likely that this will be my main focus in January, rather than the workshop, cuz these take 1-2 hours, while for more official stuff I like to focus on all detail and coloring as much as I can, which means they take more time and rn I can’t really afford that, but I’ll be back for sure!

Happy new year to everyone!
I’m not a very consistent artist, in the sense that I can draw non stop for one month and then take a break for a loong time
Soo one month has passed and it seems I’m still here drawing and still having a lot of fun doing it!
Here are the new things I did this week

It’s likely that this will be my main focus in January, rather than the workshop
This didn’t age well. In a sense, I didn’t do things for the workshop, but as soon as I wrote that I got two requests for Smogon threads and they had amazing concepts so I couldn’t resist (s/o to Poh and Lasen for the great ideas)
(ps this was the first time I saw CAP mons and oh my god Mollux and Kerfluffle are soo cute)

as for what is supposed to be my main project this month, I managed to do Hollow Scyther redesign and next week will probably be Scizor's turn.

See ya next time!
Well, I haven’t updated this in a while. Time to change that!
here are my two "you’re not my type" submissions I’ve done the last two weeks
definitely enjoyed this kind of challenge, trying to see some mons under a different light and change the designs here and there.
I’m also working on a couple of Smogon things so stay tuned for that!
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finally did things for my main tier (LC) although this is doubles LC and my doubles knowledge is more like :smogduck:
but drawing my fav mini mons was fun
Check out the tier! I’m bad at it but it’s fun
s/o to jcbc for both the ideas


edit: idk how but I forgot to mention. I’m now an approved artist yay!:blobuwu:
Heyy, you thought I was drawing nothing these 2 months and that’s mostly true but in reality I was working on a big project and now it’s time for the update!
i did the artworks for all the zu classic cups because, well, they are very fun tiers and gave me an excuse for drawing some under appreciated Pokemon (also very nice community :heart:)
SM cup starts next week so watch out for that!

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