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Good luck Amaluna to update this thread...
And thank you !

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Got off my lazy ass and added the ones that had been uploaded. Many of these are either still not uploaded or are uploaded under a different name. Thank you for the help as always. Also thanks to Teclis for added the SPLXII ones. Much appreciated!

Additionally I added:
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Somewhere between relatable and psychotic
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how do you create custom avatars but also are there any avatars with pokemon that normal users can use
what I assume is Pidgey
Weedle & Cubone
Clefairy (dolls)
Wailmer (dolls)
Bonsly (dolls)

These all have a pokemon of some sort, but it likely isn't what you are looking for. Trainers with an actual pokemon sprite in it, not listed above, are all custom avatars. And those need you to meet the requirements mentioned in the original pose. For creating custom sprites you can find a few tutorials on Youtube, DeviantArt or asking in the Arts & Culture room.

Here's some tutorials you might find useful:
Aminegc1 - Youtube
The Crow Formerly Known as Piper Sweeney - Youtube
I could go and find more, but so can you.


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but even tho i don't have the rights i have the rights on another server
Custom avatars are given to global staff members, Smogon badgeholders, and contributors (coders and spriters) to Pokemon Showdown after approval by Zarel, the website's creator. They are also sometimes given out as rewards for major tournaments and other events, such as PSPL. Generally speaking, users cannot get a custom avatar without meeting one or more of the above requirements.

These are the qualifications on the main PS server.
Every PS server is managed by a different team of people and thus different rules surround custom avatars apply to each. This means that even if you can use a CA on one server, it won't necessarily care over to the main server.

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