An animated battle for you!

I don't have a lot of animations, so it's convenient for me to put them all here.
(ambipom lanturn typhlosion golduck vs primeape vileplume marowak hitmonlee)
(hariyama absol heracross porygonz dragonite vs gengar electivire venusaur gyarados)
(torterra vs espeon)
(infernape vs ursaring)
(empoleon vs salamence)
List of avatarable Pokemon (Thanks to Wichu and Doomsday)


Jr Trainers
Bug Catcher
Black Belt

Alright, I've dropping videos for a long time...a very long time, now. Which is why I'm so happy to finally be able to announce that

CAP Battle has been released!

You can download it directly from here.

I've put up a rudimentary website that goes over the controls here.

And finally, you can check out myself getting to the second level in Syclant's arcade run on Youtube here.

So please enjoy this game, play some matches, upload some vids. If you want to challenge me to a match online, send me a PM. If you want to play against other people online, remember that to host, you need to allow your router to be open to Port 7500, UDP.

If there's enough public interest, I'll probably continue to update with new characters (CAPs 7- next), new stages, music, better graphics etc. Maybe even host a tournament in the near future...
That was sick!

I love the Ambipom part!

Do one with Absol, Zangoose, Nidoking, and Toxicroak!

^Kidding, but keep them in mind if you will. ;]
Wow amazing:D I LOVE the marowak, Golduck is doing drugs:P

Funny ending:P... Best pokemon animation ever!
hey, thanks.

I'm probably gonna do a follow up animation using some other pokemon handpicked from friends' rosters. Guess I'll post 'em when they're done.
Damn!!!!!!! thats the sickest thing I've ever seen,(on smogon) but I have to ask, how long did that little animation take?
I <3 animations like these! I only wish I could see more of them...

Anyway, this was AWESOME!!! For some reason, I now want to see one with a bunch of Ubers...
INCREDIBLY well done, I'm a huge fan of these types of animations. You simply must include one with Blastoise using Hydro Pump, seeing that in the anime never gets old and I'm sure you could do it incredibly well too.

Personally my favourite part was Typhlosion, but Golduck vs. Hitmonlee was great too, as was the rest of it.
Marowak was animated excellently, and he was one of my favorites from that gif, although the entire thing was amazing. How long did it take?
Cool, I'm glad you guys like it, really makes me want to do another one sooner rather than later.

The battle is approximately(precisely) 720 frames and it took me about 7 or 8 hours I guess.


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