ANOCymous Mafia - Day 2

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It really shouldn't, unless priority is counted towards "games" and not just "mafia" anymore, like it's been from the dawn of time.

Requires a policy change that shouldn't affect this game using priority for "mafia" at the moment.
This game would be more anonymous if we didn't know which players on the sign-up list are actually playing, ie. making it a non-playerlist game as well as anonymous. Else ones on obscure timezones like me are easy to identify.
^ Yeah, that. The problem is priority in case another game runs while this hasn't finished. The hosts could get in contact and discuss priority in secret or something, else I don't know what can be done.


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DLE should have thought of that and had us privately PM him with our sign ups if that were to be the case.

As it is now (ie we can see who posted sign ups) I don't see the point. Frankly I (and I presume others) have irregular enough sleep schedules that it really shouldn't be obvious who is who from time zones, nor should it matter for the game frankly.
There's really no reason survivor mafia shouldn't count towards priority. Its not all that different from a typical mafia game. Concerns regarding playerlists should have been brought up before, but I don't think its that important as we'd have a good idea who's playing anyway.

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I'll leave this up for another hour or so and then send out role PMs.

I offered before to host a second NOC game while this one was running but was told that might be a bad idea. If someone else wants to host a somewhat small game though, it seems like we'd have the interest to do it.

Also, I didn't think survivor would count towards priority; sorry for not thinking about that in advance!

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Sign ups were randomized. I will post who got in here if necessary, but from what I gather, most players would prefer I not do that so that there are more possible players.

All Role PMs are out. It is now Night 0. Night 0 ends at 7 PM Central US Time (GMT-5) tomorrow, Friday the 28th.

You are at risk of being subbed out if you do not look at your role PM between now and the beginning of Day 1.

PM me if you are interested in subbing into the game.



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Sooooooo yeah. I'm not saying if I got in or not just because I want to piss people off. :D


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Notes about subs:

1. I will not be announcing the Smogon user names of players who were subbed out or who was subbed in for obvious reasons.

2. I will announce which alias has received a sub.

3. Please do not post in this thread asking to be subbed out. Please PM me or message me on IRC (I'm almost always on #circus, #tf2, and #warau) about any concerns.

4. Most PMs have been looked at; it doesn't look like too many people will be able to sub in on Night 0. Users that have not done so may be subbed out in a few hours.

5. Subs may come from either p1 or p2, but I will place a preference on subbing in users who attempted to sign up before to those who are not on the sign up list at all. It does not look like we will need subs outside of those who already signed up, but do be aware that all players listed in the first post are potential players.
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