ANOCymous Mafia - Day 2

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The name of this game is so clever hEH

This is Da Letter El's first official hosted mafia game on Smogon, since Mafia Mafia 2 Mafia 1 doesn't really count.

This is a Standard No Outside Contact Mafia. Remember to put your priority in the Sign Ups!

There is a town and the mafia have invaded it, oh no. Now the villagers have adopted a silly set of rules where they must lynch one of their citizens every day, figuring out at the end of the day what this person's role was through voodoo magic. The mafia can only seem to buy one bullet a night, so they choose which person to shoot every night. However, a few members of the town have decided to do a little bit more than just sleep at night. With a combination of wits and investigations, can the Town eliminate the Mafia before they're all dead?

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.


1. There will be a lynch during every day period. The number of votes for a majority will always be announced at the beginning of the day. A player with a majority of votes will immediately be removed from the game. You may vote for a player however you like as long as I'm able to understand what you're doing -- unvoting before every vote helps.

2. Each day period ends after the stated deadline has passed or when majority is reached. If there is no majority at deadline, the majority vote will be lynched. In the case of a tie, no one will be lynched. You may vote 'No Lynch'-- this acts just like any other vote.

3. LYLO or MYLO will always be announced at the beginning of the day. Deadlines are NOT infinite during LYLO or MYLO, but exactly as they were during the rest of the game. LYLO means "Lynch or Lose", where town has to lynch scum in order to avoid losing. MYLO means "Mislynch and Lose", where town loses only if they mislynch.

4. Each night period ends after exactly 24 hours. This is the maximum amount of time given for the scumteam to choose a kill target and for village power roles to perform their actions. If an activity issue is feared, feel free to send me these actions during the prior day.

5. You may not quote or screenshot any game-related information that is not from the game thread.

6. You may not edit or delete posts. This is your only warning, although I'm fairly sure I disabled editing and deleting posts.

7. You may not talk to anyone about this game outside of the game thread. You may not post in the game thread during night phases. This is also your only warning.

8. Any offenders of these rules will be punished accordingly. I will remove players from the game only when it is absolutely necessary.

9. You may not talk to anyone living about this game once removed from the game.

10. You must post in the game thread once every 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prod. Two prods and you will be subbed out. Notify your host of any activity issues in advance.

11. Allegiance and role of a player will be revealed upon death.

12. Have fun. This may or may not be a godkillable offense. Do not test me.

I reserve the right to edit, amend, clarify or add to these rules as I deem necessary.

Game Specific Information:

1. Set up stolen from here:

13 players
3 Mafia Goons
7 Vanilla Townies
1 Tracker
1 Hider
1 Detective or Psychologist

Mafia Goons:

You are a Mafia Goon.

You are mafia with X and Y. You may communicate as you see fit every night, but cannot communicate during the day, outside of the first 24 hours of day 1.

Every night, one of you may PM Ron Swanson with a kill target. If a killer is not specified, I will randomly choose who is performing the kill.

You win when all members of the Town are dead or nothing can prevent the same.

Vanilla Townies:

You are a Vanilla Townie.

You have no abilities.

You win if all Mafia are dead.


You are a Tracker.

Every night, you may PM Ron Swanson with a user you wish to track. At the end of the night, you will learn who this user targeted.

You win if all Mafia are dead.


You are a Hider.

Every night, you may PM Ron Swanson with a user you wish to hide behind. If the user you select is mafia, you die. If the person you hide behind dies that night, you die as well. If you are killed while you are hiding behind someone, you will not die.

You win if all Mafia are dead.


You are a Detective.

Every night, you may PM Ron Swanson with a user whom you wish to investigate. If that user has killed anyone either on that night or on a prior night, you will receive a guilty result. Otherwise, you will receive a clean result.

You win if all Mafia are dead.


You are a Psychologist.

Every night, you may PM Ron Swanson with a user whom you wish to diagnose. If that user has the ability to kill but has not done so on that night or on a night prior, you will receive a guilty result. Otherwise, you will receive a clean result.

You win if all Mafia are dead.

2. This game will take place entirely on the anonymous forums, the link for which will be provided upon the start of the game. Do not discuss the game on the Smogon forums, as it is essentially outside contact, and can give information away, especially with regards to whose alias is whose.

3. Day 1 will begin on Friday March 29th, 7 PM CDT (GMT -5). Sign ups will close and Role PMs will be sent out on Thursday. There will be a period of a bit less than a day for everyone in the game to look at their role and for the mafia to discuss things before the game starts. This is called Night 0. No actions or kills can be used on Night 0.

4. The first deadline will be about 96 hours. Deadlines after this will be about 72 hours. I am willing to extend the first two days' deadlines on sufficient demand, but not any others, outside of adjusting the hours so that deadlines are at a more acceptable time for more users, if that happens to be an issue. These are relatively short days, please try to post multiple times a day so that this game is more fun for everyone.

5. There is no rule against revealing what user you are on Smogon, but it sort of defeats the purpose of the game being anonymous. However, you cannot attempt to prove what user you are based on a post that you make at a certain time, a PM that you send someone, or any other outside method. That will be considered outside contact and appropriate actions will be taken, which very likely will involve a godkill.

6. PM me if you wish to sub into the game. The game is relatively small, so there is a distinct possibility that you might not get in.

Sign Ups:


1. Blue Tornado
2. Aura Guardian
3. idiotfrommars
4. Eagle4
5. More Cowbell
6. Agape
7. shinyskarmory
8. quagsires
9. ace emerald
10. gronkasaurus rex
11. spiffy
12. unclesam
13. thebritishexcadrill
14. aclow
15. paperblade
16. altair
17. j-squared
18. crux
19. empoof


1. Cereza
2. Walrein
3. shining latios
4. jalmont
5. billymills
6. lightwolf
7. kingofkongs
8. metal sonic
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